GERMANY’S POLICE PERSECUTION OF AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL® On 18 May of 2017 was the second raid against the use of Ayahuasca.

LEAVING THE NEW AGE (Part I) Towards the beginning on an inner transformation process (Alberto Varela’s conference in London and Liverpool)

AYAHUASCA IN THE PYRAMIDS OF TEOTIHUACAN, MEXICO. Retreats in magical places with the Ayahuasca International® team

KAMBÓ, A NATURAL MEDICINE EXTRACTED FROM AN AMAZONIAN FROG. Impacts the body directly, supporting integral health and cleansing the organs from toxins

SO SIMPLE, BRIEF AND STRAIGHFORWARD TESTIMONY THAT SAYS SO MUCH An experience for brave people who want to get rid of what hurts them.

NEUROSCIENCE AND AYAHUASCA: Article from the newspaper “El Ciudadano” (The Citizen) that tells about the advances in ongoing scientific investigations

AFTER 3 RETREATS I HAVE DECIDED TO START STUDYING IN THE EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF AYAHUASCA. When something Works in oneself, it can work in many others.

ARTICLE FROM “MUY INTERESANTE” (VERY INTERESTING) MAGAZINE Proven: Meditation and Ayahuasca change the brain in a surprising way.

TESTIMONIAL FROM A VERY SANE PARTICIPANT: “Alberto Varela runs an authentic post-modern asylum.”

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