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THE SECRET OF LIBERATION IS IN UNDOING A SINGLE BELIEF. Comprehension of this concept can awaken consciousness.

AM I INSIDE OR OUTSIDE? (Part 1) A question that can take you to the beginning of a complete and inevitable transformation.

“I LIVE IN THE WORLD, I AM PART OF THE SYSTEM, I LOVE EARTH, I UNDERSTAND WHAT WE HAVE CREATED WITH ALL MY HEART”. I am ready to give the best of myself. I want to express my feelings about human reality and the possibility for transformation.

INNER MASTERY IN MILAN. WE HAVE MOVED INTO A SUPER COMFORTABLE HOUSE IN A NATURAL SETTING, to share the powerful technology of transformation of our Inner Evolution methodology.

THE OPPORTUNITY TO BELONG TO A GLOBAL MOVEMENT TOWARDS OUR POTENTIAL. End of year meeting with the Inner Mastery team and Conscious School.

CONSCIOUS SCHOOL (Part 1) “The art of remembering what the soul already knows”.

CONSCIOUS SCHOOL: THE GAME OF COMPREHENSION. One year after being founded, it expands worldwide.

CONSCIOUS INTEGRATION (Part 1): THE EXTERNAL INSIDE AND THE INTERNAL OUTSIDE. “We will be a cosmic unit in harmony when we recover the links between the internal and the external”.

WORDS CREATE REALITY. By going deeper into what happens to us, we can get to the source of what we think and the causes of why most things happen to us.

THE AUDACITY OF THOSE OF US WHO SPEAK IN PUBLIC. What is the point of the neurosis of addressing others through the written or spoken word?

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