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NEW DISCLOSURE MADE ABOUT ALBERTO VARELA BY 100 OTHER SCIENTISTS. It’s the second time that many of his luminaries have all agreed to direct opinions towards the same person.

“THE METHOD” IS THE LAST OBSTACLE ON THE PATH OF TRANSCENDENCE. Celebrating the creation of the world’s first NON-METHOD.

IT’S TIME TO UNITE AND INTEGRATE to create a new world without borders or divisions.

THE EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS BY WAY OF THE HEART’S PATH: Sufism as the inspiring mystical source of our Inner Evolution Method.

IN OCEANIA: SHAMANIC PLANTS + CONSCIOUS SCHOOL + PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC INTEGRATION. The original model of interior development that’s spreading around the world comes to Australia.

A RADICAL CHANGE OF LIFE: How fate can change course in a very short space of time.

A RETREAT OUTSIDE OF TIME… July 25-28 in Jiutepec with an international team of Inner Mastery facilitators.

ARTICLES THAT BREAK THINGS DOWN. When a few assertive words are heard by a consciousness that is awakening, the unforeseen occurs.

INFORMATION THAT TRANSFORMS THE BRAIN, LIBERATES THE MIND, AWAKENS CONSCIOUSNESS… Via direct access through the nostrils of a natural powder extracted from jungle plants.

YOPO, THE POWERFUL AMAZONIAN RAPÉH. A shamanic remedy from Venezuela and Brazil that surprises the most expert connoisseurs of entheogenic experiences.

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