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A RETREAT OUTSIDE OF TIME… July 25-28 in Jiutepec with an international team of Inner Mastery facilitators.

ARTICLES THAT BREAK THINGS DOWN. When a few assertive words are heard by a consciousness that is awakening, the unforeseen occurs.

INFORMATION THAT TRANSFORMS THE BRAIN, LIBERATES THE MIND, AWAKENS CONSCIOUSNESS… Via direct access through the nostrils of a natural powder extracted from jungle plants.

YOPO, THE POWERFUL AMAZONIAN RAPÉH. A shamanic remedy from Venezuela and Brazil that surprises the most expert connoisseurs of entheogenic experiences.

WE ARE CARRYING OUT A “HIT” ON CONSCIOUSNESS, A GREAT AWAKENING FOR WHICH WE NEED SPECIALISED PEOPLE.  “There are times and situations in which giving and receiving is the same, because it is our soul that wants to open up to pick up what it wants to deliver.”

WE ARE CURRENTLY ON FOUR CONTINENTS SIMULTANEOUSLY. This weekend our team is in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

THE HIDDEN OBSESSION WITH DEMANDING LOVE. How lack of affection is inevitably projected outwards.

INDECISIVENESS AND INSECURITY LEADING TO PROCRASTINATION. Not being able to decide for oneself at the moment we need it most.

THE DISMAY OF THE SPIRITUAL VAGABOND. When one comprehends that there’s no place to go nor goal to be reached.

THE DEPROGRAMMING PROGRAM Once you deprogram that which has a hold over you, you are forever free. Is it possible to do?

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