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THE SECRET THAT CAN NO LONGER BE HIDDEN: “Life overwhelms me, I’m not well, I cannot achieve what I want, I can’t do it … I need help”

THE FIRST METHODOLOGY IN THE WORLD THAT DOES NOT WORK. Have you considered the possibility of reading something innovative about the science of our internal selves?

LOVE PUTS US INSIDE AND JUDGMENT PUTS US OUTSIDE. We enter through acceptance and we exit through rejection.

“I AM ME, I AM NOT THE OTHER, DO NOT GET ME CONFUSED”. Dalí’s exclamation to his parents, who marked his life forever.

BIG SURPRISE IN A NEW TRAINING PROGRAMME. The launch of the first module of the Conscious School® Diploma

AYAHUASCA IN LA NACIÓN NEWSPAPER: “The internal paths of ayahuasca” Credit: Maro Margulis

Mike Tyson and his experience with Bufo Alvarius (VIDEO)

Inner Mastery International will be present on 19th-23rd March at the WORLD’S MOST AMAZING HOLISTIC FESTIVAL AWAKEN:11. A gathering of people from all over the world who are awakening their consciousness.

BIRTH, MEANING AND THE PURPOSE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Life as a means of evolution and a journey back.

MYSTERY SEEKS LIFE TO MANIFEST ITSELF THROUGH CONSCIOUSNESS. Risks and benefits of the journey towards the unknown.

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