A RADICAL CHANGE OF LIFE: How fate can change course in a very short space of time.


“In a month, my life was transformed”

*I quit my job (7 years).

*I left my mother’s house (29 years old).

*I came to live out my dream between beach and mountain (Barcelona).

*I delve daily into every aspect of my life: physical, mental, and spiritual (balance).

*I live in a commune, with beautiful beings and their own inner transformation, accompanying us in this discovery (the mystery of life).

*I work from home and I enjoy it. I also enjoy receiving new people every weekend in their awakening (of consciousness).

*I discover natural medicines in the form of remedies, words, verses, music, people…. that connect me to nature and to myself, and I no longer want to run away (healing).

*Opening myself up to SELF-LOVE, LOVE others, LOVE everything (trust).

*I care not about the future, and I get busy caring about the present.

All this in a month that seemed like I’d been waiting for all my life… I, the one full of fear and dizziness, and overly concerned about what may happen to me…

If I can tell you something: IT IS POSSIBLE.


Carmen Jaguar, Spain


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