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ABOUT AYAHUASCA – What you need to know before the experience.


  1. lidy

    hello, sorrie I often can not write English well, I put it in a translation machine. I have a question. I have a inmuum disease ra and there fore I inject Humira, a TNF-alpha blocker. must i stop the humira before a session ayauaska. because it takes three months for Humira to get out of my blood and that will mean that in that time a lot of pain and inflammation will be in my body. hope you can tell me if I can use this simply. or i need to stop before the aya

    greetings from holland, lidy

      1. Vanessa

        Hi James, Thanks for you comment. I can’t see anything from Lidy, is there anything I can get back to you on? Much love, Vanessa

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