AYAHUASCA AND MONEY (Part II) WHY DOES MONEY WOUND AND TRIGGER US SO MUCH? We are before one of the most powerful energies of creativity and enjoyment, of solutions and evolution of human species: MONEY


We will deepen into the healing influence that therapeutic, spiritual and shamanic activities exert on us.

I launch a series of articles that will raise hackles, will open wounds, will alert consciousness and will produce rejection. But behind all the reactiveness that these articles may have, there will be people that will understand something of incalculable value to whom I dedicate my experience of the last 50 years of life in regards to money and matter. Consider this first article as an introduction to start peeking into the subject of money.

Rejection and worship, squander and accumulation, hate and attraction, power and weakness, envy and submission, war and friendship, slavery and freedom… all this and much more is what money brings up, or in other words what the existence of money causes inside ourselves. Obviously the creation of money has been one of the greatest creations ever made by those who created this apparent reality. In my experience, healing the relationship with money is one of the most complicated healings, but the one which opens many other doors.

If we do not make money we feel frustrated and capable of doing anything inappropriate to make some. If others make money we feel envy or we become their fans and also their slaves. If we make money, accumulate it, hide it and not share it, others will condemn us. If others do not make money we feel undisguised satisfaction. What can happen as a result of money is pure madness!

Money causes an infinite number of thoughts that are in general destructive or negative and that is a sign that we have not solved our relationship with it. Money and prostitution. Money and slavery. Money and misery. Money and disease. Money and exploitation. Money and power. Money and manipulation.

Money is associated with lucrative activities, businesses, profitability, revenues and profits. Yet all these activities that are controlled by money should not necessarily be contaminated with harmful or destructive ideas that drive us to condemn or diminish those who manage to make it. In fact many people do business criticizing those who do business.

Money is only one way of return as a result of doing business. Money is not the only or the most important objective in many businesses. The problem lies in the attitude of doing business rather than on money.

For example, within the ayahuasca scene it is remarkable to see how many purists and holy ritualistic people there are who want to ‘purify’ money with ayahuasca (which is not the same as cleaning) because they basically consider it dirty. These people calculate how much a gram of Ayahuasca costs and then calculate the cost of a dose with the aim to demonstrate what must be the right price for an ayahuasca session. Also ethic manuals are created to suggest what would be its ideal price. Those who do this criticize others for doing business (which is also a business). To all of them I say that any calculation itself is a business or in other words the essence any business. ‘’ If I work a certain amount of hours I make this or that much’’. ‘’ If something costs me 1,0 I should charge 1,5 to 2,0 or 2,0 or 10. If I make an ‘x’ amount of money per month I will have saved an ‘x’ amount at the end of the year. ‘’If I move countries or change jobs I will make more money’’. ‘’I will stop working for money to devote myself to things that do not have money in it’’ etc. These are speculative thoughts coming from a negotiating mind. I am not saying this is bad or negative, it is simply inherent to human nature. Endless calculations that a controlling mind makes. Always calculating, always comparing and always showing bills. Always analysing what can or should be for oneself and for others and mostly probably more calculations are made about what others earn than ourselves.

Forecasts, contemplations, projections, prospects, expectations and of course desire to make more money is at the bottom of everything. But money is not the ultimate goal but the intention to get it, to make it, to take advantage, to profit, to benefit.

A CONCRETE EXAMPLE: There are many people who, to hide the desire to do business or make money, decide to charge ‘as you please’ as if that would exempt him/her from doing business, when in fact it is one of the most delicate and manipulative businesses ever. You go somewhere to buy a product or a service and when you get charged they say ‘AS YOU PLEASE’.

THE “AS YOU PLEASE”, in all cases and without exception is the ego. Asking to be paid ‘AS YOU PLEASE’ also comes  from the ego. Those who charge also do it from the ego. IT IS ALL THE SAME. To those that at the time of paying do not charge but say ‘AS YOU PLEASE’, you will have to pay double, on the one hand you pay with money and on the other hand you pay with the decision you make of how much to pay. It all leaves you exposed to whom is charging. The later situation can be avoided by asking the  amount to be paid anonymously in a way that it cannot be identified who paid what, so that there would be no way to trace the money. I understand that whoever dares not put a price on their product or service need to leaves the problem for the other to resolve, in this case to decide  how much they want to pay, instead of taking the decision to choose it themselves. The truth is that you are doing business like everyone else.

The question is: What is the problem of doing business if everyone else is doing? Working for 40 years and then retire is another business. To charge nothing for the services offered is one of the most hidden businesses that exist because it is not charged with money but implies that indirectly or unconsciously it is paid with gratitude, acceptance, admiration or respect. Surely you have to go around saying ‘that wonderful person’ has not charged me anything and then you will be paying the highest price of your life. Exchange of product or service is also another business. People often think that because there is not money involved, there is no business. It is pure indulgence.

Actually, I prefer not to charge anything to anyone and be thankful for them to have come and seen me, so that no one owes me anything or to charge my clients well so that they won’t owe me anything either. It is a model that I created to exchange money. Whether it is charged or not, not debts or obligations should be left to either parts.

In order to establish the price of something it is necessary to calculate all the costs involved and by that I mean costs, expenditures, risks, forecasts, depreciation and obviously taxes and how much we  want to make. When a public business is done that involves many people working and also consuming the products and services, there is a need for clear rules for all the involved links and people in the business chain. If for example we exclude the system of business of therapy and spirituality, we are removing the fundamental structure in which the money is based. I don’t believe it is healthy. Also there is a need to pay taxes, to declare the employees and the activities that they perform. Or is it lawful to evade taxes in activities that work with internal and spiritual development?

Most shamanic and spiritual activities are informal economies, hidden in religion institutions and associations, but with no exception they all have a set up BUSINESS. Having parishioners is a BUSINESS. Having members to think the same to achieve a goal is a BUSINESS. Having a scientific institute to investigate and do research is a BUSINESS.  When shamans come from the forest to lead an ayahuasca ceremony in cities, it is a business for both side, for those who bring them and for themselves. Being a physician, a psychiatrist or a psychologist and work with ayahuasca, it is a BUSINESS. Those who speak badly about me, even criticizing that I do business, also are doing business (but they don’t recognize). There is always an interest at the bottom that has to do with what each person wants to benefit. What is your business? What do you wish to achieve? What is your interest? Let’s be honest in regards to what we want and let’s stop denying that because it creates blockages and suffering.

A few days ago I was invited to give ayahuasca to a group of doctors and psychiatrist who are dedicated to serving several centres for drug addicts. They wanted also the drug addicts to take ayahuasca. I said to the director ‘’ I am not going to charge you anything, it will be for free in regards to payment in money. I will do it because it is very much of my interest that the benefits of ayahuasca taken in a controlled and responsible manner is known to the public. In exchange I asked for a document stating the experience and giving testimony that you had tested and it had the benefits expected. They agreed that they would do it. Can you see? This is one of my many businesses, and I recognize,  that is to spread the benefits of taking ayahuasca and that it is starting reaching areas that a while ago was impossible. Another of my business is to make money to reinvest in structure and resources to improve services. But I have many more businesses that I will tell you in a minute. The director of the centre of drug abuses will not charge more for giving ayahuasca to the interns, but if all that goes well for him, he will gain prestige and also be pleased to see that many people trapped in drugs can go home much earlier and better then if using ordinary known methods. It is possible that if he saves on expenditure for the institution, he will make more profit but this is another business. But in fact I fell that this man is involved in a precious business.

A few days ago I was invited to do more or less obscure or bright business. But if you consume something that produce interior light, freedom, wellbeing, peace, love and reconciliation, it is evident that it comes from a light business. BLESSED ARE THE LIGHT BUSINESSES.

For all participants of the ayahuasca therapies and ayahuasca sessions, or retreats of interior evolution that want to participate to go to other groups, I want to say that it doesn’t not matter the ways you get the experience, it doesn’t matter how much you pay but that you are willing to value and that you have gratitude in your heart for what you have been given. Protests, complains, claims and judgements are of little use when one really wants to heal.

NOR THE ONES WHO PAY NOTHING ARE SMARTER, NEITHER THE ONES WHO PAY LOADS ARE FOOLS. Consciousness give us the ability to evaluate, measure, calculate and choose. Whatever you choose it is ok. There is no need to draw conclusions on prices. This is the best way to be out of business of being doing business all the time.


Alberto José Varela


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