AYAHUASCA and THERAPY, “They have not changed my life, they have rather returned it to me.”


At the weekend processes some inexplicable things happen.

CRAZY!!! Crazy would be the words that many of you use to define me if I explain what I experienced. And I understand; but I will explain it from the point of view that can be more useful for you.

I arrived at the house that AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL CATALONIA has without really knowing where I was going, I actually held tight to two terms: AYAHUASCA And THERAPIST, these were the only two “inputs” that gave me confidence in what I was doing. I will define them with my words:

AYAHUASCA: Medicine for the Soul, magical tree of ancestors, inner teacher.

THERAPIST: person who knows techniques and has experience to make others see solutions to problems that he/she is presented by a person who has difficulties.

As I said, this was the only thing that gave me some confidence.

My attitude when I arrived was observant regarding the external, what was outside of me. My inner attitude, with doubts about whether it could be useful to me. Obviously, I was looking forward to finding answers to my questions. With tremendous enthusiasm not to lose any detail of what was said or done in order to get that active attitude of personal work later on.

And so after a few hours and after some talks, my first intake of ayahuasca came together with the group of people who had arrived that day. It was a very heterogeneous group: age, origin, concerns, sex … ..I think something that could bring us all together would be the consciousness of seeing ourselves more human, people seeking to be closer to themselves and their nature; In other words TIRED OF SUFFERING.

For me it was a very quiet night, when the ceremony ended I went to sleep. In the morning we had integration work that fitted me like a glove. That morning woke up my discomfort and so I expressed to the group. I was considering to leave. At the same time glimpses of affection and a little feeling to start connecting with the group cling me to the second night with its due ayahuasca ceremony. I want to say, and I said it before the ceremony started, I felt somewhat unsafe (I also have to say it was a familiar feeling to me) on the other hand something told me I had to trust me and have that intake.

By the way to say that the timing from the moment I arrived until I left was calm, I felt no pressure at all, rather the opposite: a lot of freedom, respect and a lot of affection. I wanted to clarify this because I was pleasantly surprised.

And I go on … ..to me it was even a quieter night, in fact I fell asleep before the end of the “ceremony” and I woke up with the morning light and looking around. I got up and I felt very at ease, all that discomfort and insecurity had disappeared. I shared a couple of chats in the garden with the others and I could verify at the same time I felt very at ease.

AHHH! Damn it with the visions, none and nothing strange happened, nothing amazing, I’m sorry to disappoint some of you perhaps, but from what I know (rather little-nothing) ayahuasca makes and breaks in our own way and in its own tuning, well, there is a good range of experiences and all of them very personal.

Well, having said that, I go on, we met Alberto for the integration (post intake work) sharing feelings with the group and he proposes us to do a systemic technique exercise to end up. The group is delighted, we have nothing better to do. There is a woman whom the approach
proposed by Alberto resonates forcefully in and volunteers to do the exercise. It resonates a lot in me too but I prefer to work it from another position, without being the centre, because of shame and fear … so I keep quiet and I stay as an active observer (I say to myself).
The exercise is explained with four more volunteers (it is a systemic exercise) and we started … Alberto directed masterfully, one can see that from a distance, I was from outside super connected to what he was doing AND HERE MY TRANSCENDENTAL EXPERIENCE BEGAN.

To the curious, I will not explain it because there are no words to communicate it and be understood by most readers (maybe I am wrong). It has certainly been the most important experience of my life and I feel sad to give it so much importance. I realised how far we are from the human, from the heart and this reminds us every heartbeat. We urgently need to live (that is my feeling). We are far, dehumanized and this will not bring us anything good, in fact I think we all feel this suffering, discomfort, etc ..

Luckily I see hope in many people, the work of these to return to the human state we are and more and more people realise this need.

My experience was more than brutal (it is something very personal) but I want to emphasise the importance of reconnecting with the Earth, with ourselves, with love and with HARMONY (not the AROMA OF SHIT) HARMONY.

You want to know if this experience has changed my life? No, it has not changed it, it has rather returned it to me.

People, society, the world, nature IS DOING BADLY, DO NOT FUCK WITH ME AND SAY YOU DID NOT NOTICE!!!!!! We need to begin to heal as soon as possible the sooner you start the sooner you will feel better.

Ah! I left AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL CATALUÑA with a much larger smile tan the one I had when I got there.

And yes, I want to thank and a lot the team working to make this possible for everyone, but I want to say some specific names, although it is not very important because what happened to me was nobody’s thing.

I want to thank Alberto his knowledge, his service and capacity for all.

I want to thank Oscar his presence was crucial to me and his words wise.

I want to thank, for me the queen of the party, Alejandra, the essential feminine touch, necessary, surprising, intelligent and wise.

Sorry I cannot remember any more names, all of them form a great team, each one vital for this to arise. To the more than twenty companions also key players, from the bottom of my heart THANKS.


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