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AYAHUASCA IN JAILS (Article by the New York Times) It is being proven that it is possible to do something for those who, for society, have no solution.


  1. Daniel Waterman

    I have had over thirty years of experience with ayahuasca and other psychedelics and I was always intrigued with Timothy Leary’s pilot project giving psylocybin to prisoners. I am concerned however that in many instances those behind bars may have serious trauma in their personal histories. And I am also concerned with the possibility that incarceration will continue te lead to ignorance about the socio-economic conditions that foster criminal behavior. With due attention, I am sure much can be learned and achieved using ayahuasca amongst prisoners. But we must guard against it being a sort of replacement therapy where we expect profound transformations without the deep therapeutic work or the social structures to support prisoners returning to society

    1. Hugo Oklander

      Hello Daniel
      We have found that using ayahuasca without a psychotherapeutic support wastes most of its potential The experience may be impressive but it usually fails to bring any permanent benefits, and in some cases it may even be inappropriate even though ayahuasca is a remarkably safe substance.

  2. Rhonda wood

    I am a high-school teacher and have learned along the way that there are reasons for the things that people choose to do. As a teacher and makes my skin crawl to think of a child being sexually abused. Why would a person do this though? There are no losers and no one is a hopeless cause. If this helps in their Rehabilitation as long as there is continuing accountability for their behavior this seems to be a viable option. Rrw

    1. Hugo Oklander

      There´s a big difference between pain and suffering, Yazmin.
      The Buddha talked extensively about it. Pain is an unavoidable fact of life but there are ways out of suffering.
      Ayahuasca is of great help for learning them.

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