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BARCELONA TRAINS AND EXPORTS FACILITATORS FROM THE AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL TEAM. Training activities for worldly people with a spiritual essence.


  1. Dean Currie

    Hi , dear sir /madam I am very interested in coming to learn how to become a healer in the very near future, could you send me more information much appreciated thanks, Dean

    1. Alberto José Varela

      Hi Dean
      Inner Mastery International‘s understanding of becoming a “healer” is that it can only be a byproduct of the commitment to heal ourselves. That’s what we go to the retreats for and after a few of them we may also want to participate of the European School of Ayahuasca, in which people find and develop their abilities and interests.

      So the first step are the retreats. In this link you will find the 2017 calendar, there are many to pick from.

      Healing is a most fantastic adventure, you’re very welcome to it.

      Ayahuasca International Team

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