BRAIN-TRANSFORMING INFORMATION THAT LIBERATES THE MIND, THAT AWAKENS CONSCIOUSNESS… By means of direct access of a natural snuff extracted from jungle plants through the nostrils.


There’s an inner point where everything is kept and from where we can connect with everything.

Everything that reaches the brain turns into information, that in turn becomes the origin of our life. Outside the brain is data, things, movements, but when they are inside the brain they turn into active information that may produce infinite effects in the working of our chemistry. They may provoke as distant as unsuspected behaviors, that may turn our life into a heaven or a hell.

Everything that’s outside is susceptible to entering, and in the process, becoming information of a greater or lesser quality that will influence our essential intelligence.

A great part of the world population is used to introducing drugs through their nostrils that produce immediate effects in order to forget reality, to distract themselves from the many problems they face and to numb the working of their brains so that thoughts can stop harassing, blaming, demanding and annoying them. Chemical drugs create low-quality information, but they try to compensate the low-quality life we are living.

It’s logical for us humans to be looking for a way to escape the many complications we have or to relieve the symptoms that harass us in any way. What most people don’t know is that in the same act of escaping something, you are complicating things even more. When you snort a synthetic drug, you are cancelling your brain’s natural capacity to elaborate creative solutions. You are blocking the entrance to the source of every answer. You are cancelling the deep connection with the origin of things. But there are many people who are realizing this, and are starting to convert these destructive processes into constructive ones.

I have tried cocaine only once in my life, and it was more than enough to realize that it cancelled and numbed me. But then more than 10 years ago, they introduced a completely different powder through my nostrils; it happened while I was in the Colombian jungle doing Ayahuasca sessions. This experience allowed me to have a connection with an intimate, deep and unknown part of my brain that changed my vision, my perception and my way of relating with the world and with others. That was the only time I had this experience, and it was Taita Querubin’s wife (María) the one who offered to blow this medicine through my nose to free my mind which she kept it in a little hanging bag she carried as a necklace. As she opened it, I saw it was a brown powder, and she said it was Yopo. That word meant nothing to me, given that I had never heard it before, but after she projected it through my nose, I had such a spontaneous and immediate experience, that it was a turning point regarding how my mind operates and the power I give my thoughts. It was then that I started realizing that I’m not my thoughts and that they are not mine. I did a qualification of my thoughts, and this allowed me to distance myself from them, so I could observe them without them dominating me or manipulating me. I started to see thoughts as movements of existence manifested inside of me. Somehow, I was experiencing organically what I had learn through meditation.

The connection established in my brain took me to a dark spot, infinite and eternal. As if my own consciousness had entered there. From then on, I didn’t want anyone to project any other powder into me, no matter how natural or healing it was. It was a very hard experience for me, painful, in the way that it made my nose sting as if it were burning. But I must recognize I would do it again, even though that time was more than enough for me. It was what I needed to start a different relationship with my mind and everything it thinks.

Since then and until now, I have tried several ancestral medicines, but after all this years, these “magic powders” have reached my hands. Not just Yopo, but also an incredible variety of powders extracted from different plants that have different effects and intensities. It was not until now that I have discovered that Yopo is the most powerful of them all. That’s why I have decided to introduce a new workshop into the company I run, where one tries different types of magical snuffs in a progressive and gradual way, until you reach the state you are looking for at that particular moment of your life. We start with Colombian or Ecuadorian snuffs, we continue with Brazilian snuffs and we end up with the strong ones. But we apply them slowly, taking some time in the middle to do some integration.

I thank the shaman that blew that Yopo with such strength at that time of my life. It seems that it was what I needed. But I must acknowledge that after meeting many people on the road of the inner search, I have understood that processes must be progressive, little by little, in order not to create resistances or to produce an excessive and unnecessary pain. That’s why our method is so successful all over the world. Because we are not interested in proving that we can do things taking huge amounts of shamanic medicines, but rather accessing them in a soft and loving way, to the extent that our mind-body can assimilate them. It is not necessary to prove to anyone that we are strong, and we can put everything inside ourselves without even crying. It feels so nice to enjoy the soft connection process with each ancestral medicine’s elements, that it is not necessary for us to force a strong character that can put up with everything upon ourselves. Each plant has its spirit and each spirit that comes from nature has sacred information with which to provide our brain.

The introduction of these pure snuffs coming from jungle plants that have the ability to cleanse, clear, show, activate and awaken, produce the exact opposite effect to chemical drugs. This is because they create a direct access to the “zero-point field” or source of all connections that is located in the brain by clearing the blockages, fears and insecurities. This point-zero field, also known as the quantic vacuum or Dirac’s sea, constitutes without any doubt, current science’s point of view. It seems that the most distant star up to the tiniest corpuscles, like electrons or quarks, are connected from that field. This scientific physics approach comes from the string theory.

Those who go through the experience with these plants that come from that point-zero point field, can ascertain that there is an inner point where everything is and from where you can access everything. Those who do it are able to realize by themselves that the core is empty, pure, infinite and eternal. It can never end, and neither can it be filled. And nothing of what’s in there represents what each human being is, but is rather an available material that we can access to understand the origin of everything and above all, to understand our own existence as it’s been granted to us.

When these powders access our brain a very high-quality information is being introduced, it’s the maximum quality information we can ever get in there. When these powders are outside before being projected onto us, they are plants, medicines, natural substances. But when they contact our brain they become pure un-identified intelligence that all of the sudden recovers the impeccable ability of seeing it all, of being able to face it all. All the things we were running from are now reduced to almost nothing when the imposing mastery of intelligence is manifested.

I could share so many things that have happened to me ever since I sniffed that magical powder, that you may think that I’ve been with aliens, that my brain was regenerated, that they’ve brainwashed me, that a divine spirit entered me, that I awoke or a thousand more things. I’d rather not think of what has really happened to me, but I can assure you I enjoy it everyday of my life. I can only tell you that I feel extremely happy about being able to share this service in all the countries where our organization works, the one I have founded to support millions of people who really want to make a real transformation in their lives.

We offer you medical, psychological and therapeutic support. I also founded the school where we train our facilitators who are responsible for projecting these magical powders, and from where they travel to over 20 countries to offer these wonderful natural solutions that mother nature continues to provide us with.

Thank you Pachamama for remembering us, and for making us remember who we are, beyond all the things we had believed and created in the virtuality of our minds.

Alberto José Varela

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