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CAN YOU BE HAPPY? EVEN IF LIFE HAS NO MEANING? Author: Laura Torrabadella. Director of the European School of Ayahuasca


  1. Steven

    IMHO happiness seems to depend on your beliefs. Culturally we are conditioned to believe that happiness is something to be achieved, and that makes us good workers and consumers in the capatalist paradigm.

    But what if you came from a culture that believed happiness isn’t something you achieve, it’s just something you do? You’d probably not spend all of your time striving for it, grasping, feeling you’re not enough, your life’s not enough. You just spend more time enjoying yourself for no reason, or in appreciation, or any or the simple things that are so easy to feel happy right now.

    1. Vanessa

      Hi Steven, Yes. This is a deeper layer to the subject. We are conditioned to DO things so we can GET things so we can BE something. Do a job, get money, be happy. When we reverse this to BE, GET, DO, we enter natural alignment and can become liberated from pressure. Much love, Vanessa x

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