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SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE ON AYAHUASCA CONSUMPTION. A Medicine (an Ancestral-Shamanic one) That Changes Our Life. By Genis Oña. From PSYCHOLOGY ONLINE.


ART AND AYAHUASCA: Paintings created under the inspirational vision provided by the expansion of consciousness.

HOW SHOULD A PERSON BE? HOW SHOULD THINGS BE? HOW SHOULD THEY BE DONE? About healing, growth and liberation from SHOULD (Part 1)

TRAINING AND EXPORTING FACILITATORS WORLDWIDE. Many wonder: “How is it possible that a student in our school is ready to work as a facilitator in only 6 months?”

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO A STUDENT FROM THE SCHOOL FOUNDED BY ALBERTO VARELA. Testimonial of a woman who thought she knew everything.

POLICE ARREST ALBERTO VARELA IN INDIA Along with 4 facilitators and more than 40 participants in the retreat with Ayahuasca who were arrested in a police station in India after having a session with Ayahuasca in a resort in Mysore.

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