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THE MOMENT OF ENTERING THE HEART OF THE USA ARRIVED. Inner Mastery International S.A., organizer of more than 300 retreats a year with natural remedies and psycho-therapy, is going to settle in California and Florida.

WE ARE GOING TO COSTA RICA WITH AN INTERNATIONAL TEAM OF EXPERT FACILITATORS: from December 3rd to 10th, 2018 with an Inner Mastery International team.

THE POWER OF THE FEMININE (Part 1). From comparison to acceptance, from competition to accompaniment … a journey of empowerment.

TAKING REJECTION APART (Part 3) The elixir of happiness is composed of acceptance, love, gratitude and understanding. It’s ready to be enjoyed…do you want to drink it?

THE THREE PHASES OF THE MANIFESTATION OF POWER. Create, expand and refine. The secrets of survival applied to daily life.

THE ANGUISH OF EVERY DAY. Living with depression, stress or anxiety is the harsh reality of a large part of the world’s population. Do you want to overcome it?

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