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IN OCEANIA: SHAMANIC PLANTS + CONSCIOUS SCHOOL + PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC INTEGRATION. The original model of interior development that’s spreading around the world comes to Australia.

WE ARE CARRYING OUT A “HIT” ON CONSCIOUSNESS, A GREAT AWAKENING FOR WHICH WE NEED SPECIALISED PEOPLE.  “There are times and situations in which giving and receiving is the same, because it is our soul that wants to open up to pick up what it wants to deliver.”

WE ARE CURRENTLY ON FOUR CONTINENTS SIMULTANEOUSLY. This weekend our team is in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

THE DISMAY OF THE SPIRITUAL VAGABOND. When one comprehends that there’s no place to go nor goal to be reached.


THE CRIME OF BEING HAPPY. Laughing, enjoying and feeling joy are the most relevant of life experiences, but they are also what most ensure social rejection.

WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT IS KNOWN AND KNOW THAT IT IS USELESS. Why not turn towards something that will amaze us?

A SINGLE IMPORTANT THING HAPPENED IN MY LIFE, AND IT IS INCREDIBLE. Paula Saveli’s testimonial after 3 years of inner evolution process.

DO YOU WANT TO WORK ON SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT AND WHICH HELPS MANY PEOPLE? Call for people to join the team of Inner Mastery International Mexico S.A. and Inauguration of the New Epicentre of Inner Evolution in Jiutepec, Morelos.

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