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ARTICLES THAT BREAK THINGS DOWN. When a few assertive words are heard by a consciousness that is awakening, the unforeseen occurs.

WE ARE CARRYING OUT A “HIT” ON CONSCIOUSNESS, A GREAT AWAKENING FOR WHICH WE NEED SPECIALISED PEOPLE.  “There are times and situations in which giving and receiving is the same, because it is our soul that wants to open up to pick up what it wants to deliver.”


THE ESSENTIAL MUTATION OF POWER (Part 2). Leadership structures orientated towards the development of individual authority. The change in paradigm.

THE INNER MASTERY TEAM AND AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL® DOESN’T STOP GROWING. There are already more than 170 members in the organisation

TAKING REJECTION APART (Part one) Discovering the key that reopens the door of dignity through the painful process of recognition of the rejection that inhabits each human being

A SELF-VERIFICATION TEXT FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE AWAKE. If you read it you will realise at which stage of awakening you are at; if you are awake or if you are still sleep.

AYAHUASCA – THE CONSUMPTION OF A SUBSTANCE OR AN EXPERIENCE? Healing experiences require a certain attitude, motivation and consciousness.

EATING DISORDERS (Part two): The strategy of a mind whose nature is control and rejection.

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