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IS THERE ANYTHING SACRED? When something is said to be sacred, there is a political, manipulating and powerful plan behind it. At the beginning, the sacredness made sense, but now its use is uncertain.

Whose power is it? Ayahuasca, psycho-therapy, the shaman, or the psychotherapist’s? (AYAHUASCA AND PSYCHOTHERAPY Part 1)

MOVING BETWEEN THE AUTHORITY OF A LEADER AND THE POWER OF A VILLAIN. The leader and the villain are within each of us. The struggle between power and authority is part of everyone. Do you wish to end these conflicts?

WHEN A LIFE PROJECT DIES, is it possible to change? (Part 1)

AYAHUASCA IS A SPRINGBOARD; CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE OCEAN. Let us not confuse the means with the end.

TEXTS OF BUDDHA. Exegesis and comments for an everyday life application. “Are you lost? Then you can find yourself”

Is it possible to integrate the shamanic world’s view with psychotherapists’ focus on self-improvement? AYAHUASCA AND PSYCHOTHERAPY (Part 2)

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