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“I AM ME, I AM NOT THE OTHER, DO NOT GET ME CONFUSED”. Dalí’s exclamation to his parents, who marked his life forever.

“I LIVE IN THE WORLD, I AM PART OF THE SYSTEM, I LOVE EARTH, I UNDERSTAND WHAT WE HAVE CREATED WITH ALL MY HEART”. I am ready to give the best of myself. I want to express my feelings about human reality and the possibility for transformation.

INNER MASTERY IN MILAN. WE HAVE MOVED INTO A SUPER COMFORTABLE HOUSE IN A NATURAL SETTING, to share the powerful technology of transformation of our Inner Evolution methodology.

TOWARDS AN ENCOUNTER WITH WHAT THE SOUL DESIRES. Systemic liberation: Is it possible to shift from living in limitation to living your potentiality?

USEFULNESS OF CATHARTIC UNBLOCKING OF HATRED. Is it necessary to go through destructive and negative emotions to reach love and reconciliation?

EXISTENTIAL INEQUALITY (Part 2) “I am who I am and you are who you are. We are not equal, similar or alike.” THE CONFRONTING THEORY OF A 9-YEAR-OLD GIRL: Even what we have in common is different. “What is mine is mine, and not my parents’ because I have brought it with me.”