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CONSCIOUS INTEGRATION (Part 1): THE EXTERNAL INSIDE AND THE INTERNAL OUTSIDE. “We will be a cosmic unit in harmony when we recover the links between the internal and the external”.

WORDS CREATE REALITY. By going deeper into what happens to us, we can get to the source of what we think and the causes of why most things happen to us.

CHANGING THE CULTURAL MODEL FOR USING AYAHUASCA What is the difference between taking ayahuasca in a traditional indigenous way and in a psychotherapeutic integration?

Whose power is it? Ayahuasca, psycho-therapy, the shaman, or the psychotherapist’s? (AYAHUASCA AND PSYCHOTHERAPY Part 1)

BETRAYAL OF TRADITION, SIN OR BLESSING? We are before the time to leave behind what’s comfortable and familiar

Can Ayahuasca and Psycho-therapy be integrated? How do they resist each other? How do they coincide? How can they be united? AYAHUASCA AND PSYCHO-THERAPY (Part 4)

Is it possible to integrate the shamanic world’s view with psychotherapists’ focus on self-improvement? AYAHUASCA AND PSYCHOTHERAPY (Part 2)

THE EXPERIENCE WITH AYAHUASCA. The inner attitude of those who open themselves up to transformation.