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50% DISCOUNT DURING MAY AT INNER EVOLUTION RETREATS. Madrid, Barcelona & Marbella, 1-4 Nights.

SECOND VISIT TO ISRAEL: Inner Evolution Retreat and Conscious School Training Cycle 30th May – 8th June, 2019

FULL-HOUSE RETREAT IN BARCELONA. Registration is open to reserve your place for upcoming retreats.

ELEVATING THE QUALITY OF BEING. Identification limits us, while recognising the need to evolve enriches us.

BIG SURPRISE IN A NEW TRAINING PROGRAMME. The launch of the first module of the Conscious School® Diploma

Inner Mastery International will be present on 19th-23rd March at the WORLD’S MOST AMAZING HOLISTIC FESTIVAL AWAKEN:11. A gathering of people from all over the world who are awakening their consciousness.

MYSTERY SEEKS LIFE TO MANIFEST ITSELF THROUGH CONSCIOUSNESS. Risks and benefits of the journey towards the unknown.

TWO URUGUAYANS INITIATED IN USE OF IBOGA AROUND THE WORLD … Tour through Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain and Portugal.

TOUR OF ISRAEL FROM 3RD TO 13TH OF APRIL 2019: Conferences and seminars in different cities and a retreat in the Néguev desert.

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