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ARTICLES THAT BREAK THINGS DOWN. When a few assertive words are heard by a consciousness that is awakening, the unforeseen occurs.

Mike Tyson and his experience with Bufo Alvarius (VIDEO)

“I’VE REACHED MY LIMIT” WHY DOES DESTRUCTION RETURN TO MY LIFE? “After having had the best experience of my life, I return to the same as before. Old patterns come to humiliate me. “

THE KEYS OF COMMUNICATION THAT INFLUENCE RELATIONSHIPS. Behind every human connection there is an opportunity to activate the best of oneself and of the other.

THE POWER OF THE FEMININE (Part 1). From comparison to acceptance, from competition to accompaniment … a journey of empowerment.

EATING DISORDERS (Part two): The strategy of a mind whose nature is control and rejection.

A IN-DEPTH STORY WITH INTERESTING DETAILS ABOUT AN AYAHUASCA SESSION. “A click took place on the second night that changed my life”

HEALING PROCESS IN GERMANY WITH KAMBÓ AND OTHER SHAMANIC REMEDIES. Testimonial from a woman about the power of ancestral natural substances.

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