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SPANISH SINGER “MUERDO” (Pascual Cantero) THANKS AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL An inner evolution process has begun in Madrid, Spain


WHAT A PARTICIPANT OF AN INNER EVOLUTION RETREAT SAYS: “It has been the most profound, transforming, challenging and intense experience of my life” – Jerry

HOW IS THE BUFO ALVARIUS EXPERIENCE LIVED? This answer is given by a professor in philosophy who has been researching self-knowledge for many years and tried it for the first time.

SHORT COMMENTS THAT SPEAK VERY CLEARLY OF THE PROCESS WE PROPOSE About Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius, the psychotherapeutic integration and the facilitators of our organisation.

Testimonial of a therapist, experienced in master plants.

“BEFORE COMMITING SUICIDE I DECIDED TO TAKE AYAHUASCA”. The real story of a man who could not find a solution to his problems and reached his limit…

TESTIMONIAL VIDEO BY ERIKA Participant in Darwin’s Ho’oponopono workshop and a retreat with Ayahuasca

ART AND AYAHUASCA: Paintings created under the inspirational vision provided by the expansion of consciousness.

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