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AYAHUASCA, A JOURNEY AS PAINFUL AS LIBERATING. The testimonial of a woman willing to see the roots of her suffering.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO A STUDENT FROM THE SCHOOL FOUNDED BY ALBERTO VARELA. Testimonial of a woman who thought she knew everything.

MYSTERY HAS ITS OWN WAY OF MANIFESTING. Five days and four nights open-heartedly sailing through the valleys and peaks of existence and of own selves

AYAHUASCA FACILITATORS IN HIS/HER TWENTIES but with an amazing ability to reach people deeply.

Testimonial of a mother and woman, pharmacist from Valencia who had the experience with ayahuasca.

IS AYAHUASCA FOR EVERYONE? How do I know if the experience will be positive for me before I have it?

TELEVISION PROGRAM ABOUT AYAHUASCA. Comments of a doctor who was a participant and a witness to what happens during an experience with ayahuasca and psycho-therapy.

DJ´S FIRST AYAHUASCA EXPERIENCE: From Bitter Disappointment to Amazing Wonder…and Blissful Transformation.


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