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CONSCIOUS INTEGRATION (Part 1): THE EXTERNAL INSIDE AND THE INTERNAL OUTSIDE. “We will be a cosmic unit in harmony when we recover the links between the internal and the external”.

THE TREMENDOUS EFFORT OF SEEKING LEADS US TO NOT FINDING. Understanding that everything appears when we are open challenges us to trust.

TRANSCENDENTAL DIALOGUES. A question from a reader, Lisette Morales from Chile, who is seeking an answer to: Who wants to do things, the self or the ego?

TRASCENDENT DIALOGUES. Who are you? Who am I? What do you see in me? What do I see in you? Let’s swap appreciations.

WHEN NOVELTY APPEARS, IT ALL STARTS TO HAPPEN. Answers to questions of great depth.

CONVERSATIONS WITH… YOUR INNER MASTER (10 words can say it all) and enlightening testimony about the side effects of Ayahuasca

AWE AND / OR HATE TOWARDS WOMEN? Revealing letters from people attacking me and people supporting me.