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A RETREAT OUTSIDE OF TIME… July 25-28 in Jiutepec with an international team of Inner Mastery facilitators.

WORDS CREATE REALITY. By going deeper into what happens to us, we can get to the source of what we think and the causes of why most things happen to us.

INTERNAL LEADERSHIP. THE MUTATION OF POWER IS COMING. (Part 1) Inner Mastery International’s corporate proposal for leaders and directors who are open to the change that is essential in administration of authority.

USEFULNESS OF CATHARTIC UNBLOCKING OF HATRED. Is it necessary to go through destructive and negative emotions to reach love and reconciliation?

“I’VE REACHED MY LIMIT” WHY DOES DESTRUCTION RETURN TO MY LIFE? “After having had the best experience of my life, I return to the same as before. Old patterns come to humiliate me. “

IMPLOSION OF COMPREHENSION. When love, forgiveness, acceptance, trust and freedom explode inside, then we are ready to enjoy life and existence from a place of power.

THE CHALLENGING PROPOSAL TO CHANGE REALITY. Do you want to open yourself to the miracle? Life, circumstances, people and what we feel can take a surprising turn.

WHEN NOVELTY APPEARS, IT ALL STARTS TO HAPPEN. Answers to questions of great depth.