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FIRST EVER RETREAT IN ROMANIA WITH MORE THAN 60 PARTICIPANTS – We already have the next 4 retreats planned.

DIFFICULT AND TROUBLED HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS – Is it a psychological, emotional, human or spiritual issue?

AN ADDICTED HUMANITY: Do you want to be able to detect which it is your dependence or enslavement?

BIOGRAPHY OF A SEARCH THAT TURNED INTO CONSCIOUSNESS. A brief history of a woman in Israel who got in contact with her transcendental side.

NEW DISCLOSURE MADE ABOUT ALBERTO VARELA BY 100 OTHER SCIENTISTS. It’s the second time that many of his luminaries have all agreed to direct opinions towards the same person.

“THE METHOD” IS THE LAST OBSTACLE ON THE PATH OF TRANSCENDENCE. Celebrating the creation of the world’s first NON-METHOD.

IT’S TIME TO UNITE AND INTEGRATE to create a new world without borders or divisions.

THE EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS BY WAY OF THE HEART’S PATH: Sufism as the inspiring mystical source of our Inner Evolution Method.

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