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IMPOSITIONS BY EXISTENCE? OR THE CHOICE OF A SOUL THAT WANTS TO EXPERIENCE? The hand that we have been dealt to live comes from a destiny that hasn’t been designed by anyone, but that is susceptible to being changed by those who forgo being someone.

THE POWER STRUGGLE BETWEEN LIES AND THE TRUTH. Sensationalism, even though it is made up of lies, entertains; but the truth does not need stories and arguments. It does not require elaboration. That is why it is boring.

FEAR IS A THIEF THAT STEALS EVERYTHING; IT IS THE DENIAL OF LOVE. Fear of not being able to overcome fear blocks evolution.

MAMOS KOGUIS (FROM THE SANTA MARTA SIERRA-COLOMBIA). At the Ayahuasca International retreat in Madrid, August 16th to 20th

HAS AYAHUASCA BEEN PATENTED? Controversy over Ayahuasca patent by International Plant Medicine Corporation

THE MULTIPLYING EFFECT OF PSYCHOTHERAPY AFTER A SESSION WITH AYAHUASCA Testimony: “It is not only Ayahuasca what allows us to travel within ourselves”

WHAT GOES ON IN THE CONFERENCES-CONCERTS THAT WE ORGANIZE. We visited Rosario, in Argentina, and we are going to Montevideo, Uruguay.

SUICIDE TOUCHED ME VERY PERSONALLY (Part 2) The message the suicidal person leaves to their close surroundings, and what message does suicide leave for all human beings?

“SHE IS NO LONGER MY WIFE, SHE IS MY LIFE PARTNER” A testimonial of how ayahuasca changes many things into what we have long hoped for.

VICTOR JIMENEZ CHICO CONTINUES TOURING AMERICA. Now in Mexico, staying for three months and sharing all his experience with the Ayahuasca International team in Tepoztlan.

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