CLEAR AND CONCISE TESTIMONIALS: “I drank Ayahuasca and it changed my life forever”


When an individual truly changes, it can be the beginning of an unprecedented global change.



At a time when I only felt apathy. And this changed my life for the better.
I didn’t get addicted to anything. I don’t feel the need to drink it again. I only feel a deep need to live.
That is why I support the decriminalisation of this natural medicine.
I also support the circulation of information and the serious study of its properties. And I yearn, from the depths of my heart, for everyone to have access to it.

Paola Betancour

I feel that existence is expanding within me like never before. Now I know who I am and my essence is the only thing that leads the way. I’m 57 years old, 56 and a half years of which I was unconscious, asleep, anaesthetised. I travelled through life believing that I had horizons but they were never concrete, just vague and evaporating. I drank alcohol, sometimes in very large quantities, I consumed drugs, and lived frustrated by my mediocre presence and confusion. I was no longer consoled by “love”, being in a relationship that was falling apart due to my passive apathy. I disguised the sadness and anger that I felt with smiles and pretty words. I lived limited by my fears… fear of what people say, fear of what may happen to me, fear that I will be bad (or good?), fear of risk, fear of mistakes, fear of not wanting myself, fear of rejection… fear of fear.

Today I can say that everything that happened to me in my life was perfect, but not just as a “new age” expression or slogan, but as a song of my unconditional love to life. I can say that the first retreat that I did with Ayahuasca was the first step of this expansion of consciousness. Of being able to look and see myself from another place, from another perspective, to discover very deep and ancient pains stored in my unconscious that guided the decision-making that marked the paths that I took in my life, in order to go beyond them.

Now I can evaluate all of this from a place of love. From my connection with my heart and my soul. I was able to forgive myself and to heal many wounds. I am still in the process of healing, but I am already conscious and have a deep and vital need to be conscious all the time. Alcohol or drugs will no longer be an escape, because it is impossible to escape from oneself. With Ayahuasca, I discovered the courage and the potential that there is in me and I am developing and expanding it day by day. The experience with Ayahuasca did not cause me any mental anomaly, nor did I become addicted to it and I will probably drink it again, because the conscious processes that reach the deepest part of my being have been possible, first thanks to me and my decision, second thanks to the psycho-therapeutic processes, systemic therapies and integrations of expansion of consciousness from the Inner Mastery team and third thanks to the master plant that illuminated the roads for the present now. Today I work with them. They are my family. And I know that amongst all the things that I want and already have in my life is for everyone to have the opportunity to have the experience of empowering themselves, of being masters of their own destiny with consciousness and love. The experience with Ayahuasca is a before and after in the life of those who have experienced it.

I drink Ayahuasca and I will do it again, because I love myself and because I want to continue going deeper into my unconscious and I want to continue expanding the consciousness of my being.

Today I can say with all my love, thanks to each and every one of those who were, are and will be part of everything that happened, happens and will happen in my life. Thank you thank you thank you.

Carlos Ovejero

I am thinking about what I feel… I am grateful for my courage, for all that has got me to this moment. For example, I remember my first Ayahuasca or Yagé (as they call it session). It was quite a bold move. I found the information on the Internet, the page appeared and filled me with joy. I had been looking for it since 2015, I had been waiting for that moment and it had arrived. My soul was so timely. After attending a seminar about the pineal gland where they talk about remembering, energy, origin, being, all of this I that had forgotten as I had thought I was only meat, bones, and destructive thoughts, I took a breath. I was falling back into depression, the ghosts of suicide returned to torment me. I had already quit the anti-anxiety medication  and antidepressants for a year and a half and I did not want to go back to that. I felt that I would go numb again if I returned to the nightmare from which I was escaping. Trying Ayahuasca was my last option. My only chance to stop thinking about completely destroying myself. I was cornered, without strength, and exhausted from so much struggle and punishment. Fortunately, everything happened quickly. They contacted me, they gave me the information that I never read because there was so much of it 🙂 I only read a poem by Sergio my contact. I loved his simplicity and disposition from the first minute. He was there supporting me. We shared a few words in brief chat over Whatsapp and I perceived good,  loving energy. I asked for the price to think about it, and then I made the decision to do it, without turning back. I trusted and I went with everything I had to Colonia, Uruguay. With fear of something unknown, drowned in emotions,and overwhelmed. I could hardly talk. So I arrived, they welcomed me, there were people everywhere from all over the place, participants and facilitators, from Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Spain .. a whole party it seemed. After registering I asked for the WiFi signal which I remember because it gave me tranquillity and gave me more trust. I let my family know that I had arrived well, and then I did not use my mobile phone any more. From the beginning, I considered it an appointment of an intimate meeting with myself… Suddenly we had to start the session. I had to introduce myself and share my reason for coming. I almost couldn’t speak. I just wanted to cry. How could I introduce myself. Like a weeping girl I said I want to heal. I have social phobia, arthritis, depression, my kidneys hurt, it’s hard for me to communicate, I have self-esteem problems and I want to love myself. I do not know if they understood me because I cried as I talked. The most surprising thing was listening to others. They were as screwed up as me. Not all, but the vast majority. The Yagé session began, one by one. The big moment came, my moment, and I drank it without thinking or tasting, I sat for ten minutes or so in my place, and then I lay on the mat. Everything was red; red blanket, a colour I dislike but good in the session to have a little light. I let it go, I did not give any more importance. I thought nothing was happening to me. I didn’t see any images… Yes, I felt the music inside me, this was something new, then disgust, disgust, and more disgust. I vomited like three or four times, I know I vomited many times and I almost wet myself one of the times I threw up, haha. I was always there, I never left. Even with the desire that I had to run away. But it was not awful. I was present, in that place, after the vomiting, to the desire to run away, of nothing. I tried to meditate lying down with my eyes closed but nothing happened. I became tired of waiting and that was it. I went back to sit on my mat and just silently observed the process of the others. But something was different. I saw them as family, without judgement. That night, with my first dose of medicine, I was able to observe the environment as I hadn’t observed it for some time. Without fear, surrounded by people I had just met. Feeling together and with whom I could share. Almost at sunrise, I felt peace, a lot of harmony, I felt full of energy, with the idea that nothing had happened to me … but everything had happened to me, I was FEELING again …
For all this and more, I am grateful and I thank all those who accompanied me with my heart …

Nora Moyano


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