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DEATH THREAT TO ALBERTO JOSÉ VARELA. A clarifying and empowering opportunity for many people.


  1. Galadriel

    I am so surprised that the people who are posing the threats have even done ayahuasca. This was such a loving experience for me. And am truly grateful to having had that experience and to those who shared their time, music and song to guide my journey. The cost to me seemed alot but it came to me and it was worth every penny. I didn’t have to travel to get to it so in all respects it was next to nothing. It’s ok to be paid, nowadays. People work hard to create an experience that we couldn’t obtain in this world. These people fighting are fighting the wrong person. Let it go. There is too much love. So much it needs to be shared. Of course those people fighting don’t have the courage to fight the gangs so they will pick on a spiritual guide. Come on people. Where is the logic? Are these same people fighting for the rights of the people? Are the fighting in the name of justice and freedom? No they are not.
    Hopefully they stop their fixaton on the good people and find their path.
    Blessings xxoo

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