DIRECT WITNESS, “I have interviewed more than 300 participants at international Ayahuasca retreats …”


Evidence that requires a verdict, tests of innocence, objective information or just another opinion?

I can not understand the bitterness towards Alberto Varela. I do not belong to Alberto’s organisation, but I am at his school. I have witnessed how ayahuasca is used during 28 sessions in 7 retreats and have never seen the least lack of respect for the plant. On the contrary, the people who facilitate it, not Varela, do so with a absolute respect and care. Personally, it has saved my life and I have spoken with more than 300 people who have gone through the retreats organised by Alberto and the percentage of important advances in the healing process is very relevant. That, in my humble opinion, must be respected. Alberto’s method; the tools he uses and the people who work with him, simply works very well and that is a fact for anyone who wants to come and observe  what happens in these retreats without prejudice.

Ayahuasca should be the natural heritage of Humanity. It is illusory, even ridiculous, to think that in a globalised world, anyone who needs ayahuasca has to go to Colombia, Brazil or Peru to access it, which is not an option for many people. My little experience with this wise plant is that it should be used wherever it is needed and at this time, the West needs to know and access Ayahuasca. We are talking about healing people, healing homes, families. Because a healthy family member also heals the family, especially when we talk about issues such as depression.

Hopefully we will put these absurd wars that lead nowhere, are sterile and harmful behind us. Ayahuasca has enough healing and spiritual power in itself to not need anyone to defend it from supposed spurious uses. She does her work without the need of anyone, does not need shamans, does not need facilitators, etc … Based on everything that I have experienced and intuited and spoken with hundreds of people, I have the absolute conviction that the expansion of Ayahuasca in the West is an absolute blessing for thousands of people who, if it were not for organisations like Alberto Varela’s, would NEVER have had access to such a healing opportunity.

If this is a fight of egos in the end, it shows that whoever enters this stupid and unconscious game has little awareness. That each person from their life experience, from their possibilities, from their family, friends, work, etc. try to heal yourself first and from there support, as you know and can, others to heal. Let’s heal once and for all conflicts that do not benefit anyone and harm us ALL.



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