FALSE EMPOWERMENT & THE SEARCH FOR REALIZATION. A step that is as necessary as it is transitory on the path to spirituality. (part #2)


The deep yearning that arises from the human heart to check whether or not it is able.


Being free is the only thing that can allow us to fly in the authentic dimension of what such an experience entails. My own experience was to free myself when I was locked up in a prison for 14 months. By the ninth month of being in prison I had found my freedom, that was in August 2009. It made me rethink everything I had previously believed regarding Freedom, before I was of the opinion that to be free meant doing whatever I desired or wanted to do, but I quickly came to the deep comprehension regarding what it is to be FREE, so much so that the light of my consciousness illuminated the whole prison on the night on which this event took place. I could suddenly see everything, the walls became transparent, the bars became soft, thin threads that hung like a bright curtain, inviting me to walk through them to feel their gentle caresses. That’s what I did, I embarked upon a journey to all the places I desired, I didn’t need to open my wings to fly and escape from the prison, I simply had to pass by every nook and cranny of that penitentiary taking every step carefully while  consciously breathing my own reality, observing the illusion of what was limiting me; the experience was a revelation and it triggered endless ideas and channels from the great beyond, in fact I’d like to dedicate time and energy to conveying everything that revealed itself to me that night; But at that moment I was physically inside a prison, and so it was during this situation that my soul chose to have the experience of awakening.

In such a moment nonsense ceases to exist, the desire to be free begins to fade, there’s no longer a desire to open one’s wings or even to fly, because one comes to understand that inwardly one is already flying, or rather, plummeting towards a never ending infinity. Never again did I have the idea of wanting to fly, yet tellingly, in the last few years I have never worked so hard, I have never written so much or given so many lectures or seminars, because comprehending the fact that one is already elevated to such lofty heights does not mean forsaking one’s core responsibility, but rather take it on fully, once and for all.

It was all of ten years ago that I had recorded a CD entitled WINGS TO FLY, wherein I tell the story of my experience of opening my wings to fly through my own voice and with the accompaniment of background music. Right now I am reminiscing and realizing just how necessary and also transitory this flying experience really is.

Yesterday I read a comment written by a Mexican lawyer who had read my previous article on false empowerment, what this man has to say is really enlightening:

My name is Oscar. For a while now I have been toying with the belief that I was capable, I made that “coaching” belief my own, as I was to understand it, that If I believed that I could then surely I could, then I did many things that made me realize that in fact I could not, and in the end I collapsed, I fell; I had to give up a lot of things.

During a yopo session I realized that I didn’t actually have a clue about anything; whatever plan, whatever  strategy, whatever idea, all came to nothing. Nowadays I no longer have the urge to compete with anyone, no urge to prove anything to anyone. Sometimes I am careless and it becomes a knee jerk reaction, but when I stop to consider it, I realize that I don’t really want to get involved in troublesome situations where I need to prove myself to others or to pander to that part of me that needs to know that I am capable.

A channel has opened where some things are made easier for me without the need to think whether I can or can’t. Things simply resolve. Sometimes I feel as though I am in an infinite sea of intentions where I am unable to predict which intention will prosper or what’s going to happen. I am involved in the law profession and sometimes I have to face the question: Is the issue to be won or to be lost? Can it indeed be won? Sometimes I do not know how to answer this conundrum, sometimes I confess my inability to win, I tell them that it will be their counterpart who loses, sometimes I give them my guarantee that I will defend them performing to the best of my knowledge and experience. In such a limbo I have been feeling alone, wanting to fall in love and get acquainted with some woman and go crazy, just like in a romantic movie.

Upon reading this article regarding false power I realize that perhaps this character is recoiling and is desperately seeking hope. At all costs. And perhaps this desire to fall in love that encroaches upon me today is yet another lie. That’s all. My kindest regards to everybody.

Hello Oscar, the need to love and be loved is the most subtle and sensitive part of this eternal hope in which both our body and ego want to cling to anything, to become eternal on the material plane, but from deep in our soul we already know that the experience of LOVE is the final frontier where that which is apparent can remain so, by suddenly dying through unconditionality. Beyond love there is nothing to be found, or rather there is EVERYTHING to be found. Not going through the experience of love with others can be equated to not going through the quest for false power. That’s why those who live in false power are not open to love. Opening ourselves to love (noun), to love (verb) and to be loved is the false power’s last ditch effort. I recently witnessed it on the face of a man, while a woman was declaring her love for him, and with many people present That man’s resistance to LOVE, not to her specifically, was a clear of the false power with which he chooses to live.

Those of us who are on a path of realization and transcendence are doing everything within our means to continue taking steps and crossing frontiers. Part of that healing journey is to regain power, and it is obvious that everything we do to regain said power will not be reciprocated. This is because true power is not sought and nothing can be done to recover it, quite simply because it already exists, but remains buried in a cluster of imaginary concepts regarding who exactly we are and contains our inherent and concurrent beliefs of both superiority and inferiority.

While this process is going on and we become inclined to want to fly or prove our capabilities, then the option to choose either false or requisite empowerment arises. That’s where oriental techniques, methods, practices and “power” medicines can help a lot, because they allow us to replace low-esteem beliefs with high-esteem beliefs, that’s when we are fully aware that we have wings and that we can Fly. Yet another layer of illusion.

This experience is wonderful as long as we are aware that it must be transcended, because otherwise we will be caught up in that new and renewed belief that we are worthy, that we are capable and that we are in charge of the situation. In the end the experience of flying is reduced to the satisfaction of the ego’s desire to feel superior.

While I’m on the subject of revealing things that I have never said up until now, and given that I am very much determined to share everything, I want to end this article by giving you a guideline for you to consider in your next empowerment decisions: “ONLY UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER WILL OPEN THE DOOR OF INTERNAL POWER.” I surrendered to the very prison in which I was locked up, I surrendered to all that was going on, I became an obedient disciple of life’s plans. What awakened my conscience was that and nothing more than that, CAPITULATION TO WHAT IT IS. OBEDIENCE TO WHAT I WAS TOLD. SURRENDER FROM MY BEING TO WHAT I WAS DEStINED TO GO THROUGH.

Everything else that I can tell you is just a fairy tale. And I hope you will continue to read these stories and tales that I write, because I’m always going to mix all kinds of tales and stories with the true essence of what it’s like to be FREE.

To do this I have to keep falling asleep and awakening over and over again. The limitation lies in falling asleep forever, this is why I am so insistent that the belief that we have wings to fly and the urge to plunge headlong into a supposed, limitless experience is little more than a dream. If you are caught up in such a dream, then I can only hope that these words will awaken you. When you’re free, as Oscar from Mexico said: “A channel has opened where some things are made easier for me without the need to think whether I can or can’t. Things simply resolve.” This is how this slow, unhurried reunion with the essence works, it is gradually activated. Unexplainable things will begin to happen to you that will show you that true power is approaching.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

RED BULL & AYAHUASCA. The illusion of having wings to fly. (part #1)


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