about Ayahuasca and those who drink it


This is the result of an observation and subsequent conclusion developed by our interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists and facilitators, over a period of 15 years of personal experience and having attended ayahuasca sessions with more than 10 000 participants with whom we have entered into direct contact.


1 – That ayahuasca is a powerful tool for transformation, an instrument of healing precision that needs a psychotherapeutic frame to focus the work on self-improvement or evolution that we want to accomplish.

There are many people who make important changes in their lives supported by ayahuasca and/or psychotherapeutic integration.


2- That it is necessary to partake in a cycle of ayahuasca tomas (at least 6) during a 3 month period, as a minimum, to be able to extract from it the maximum benefit it provides. Then each drinker has the freedom and possibility to stop drinking it or to continue.

The intensity obtained in a constant process, along with the personal commitment, helps to achieve results.


3- That the experience with ayahuasca can be reached anywhere in the world without needing to go to the jungle or to a natural environment, without a chaman, yet we support and encourage people to go to the jungle and drink with a shaman.

The experience in the jungle or with a shaman is wonderful but not essential. It is a very good closure to a process.


4- That to have a meeting with ayahuasca, one must be accompanied by facilitators, shamans, or therapists that have experience and know the precise dose well, depending on the type of ayahuasca being consumed and on each person who drinks it.

Differentiating each drinker according to their purpose or their emotional state and health is fundamental to determine the adequate dosage.


5- That the group experience of the ayahuasca session must be conducted with knowledge, authority and responsibility. To avoid unpleasant situations, important details must be taken care of and certain precautions must be considered.

Participants must be adequately informed and clear rules must be given prior to the experience.

 That although ayahuasca is not for everyone, it is up to each person to discover if it is or not adequate for their own healing process, for their wellbeing, or for their inner evolution. Some discover that it is their way of mastery.

Many drinkers adopt the practice of drinking every so often, continuously, as an actualization technique.


7- That even if not used as a means of self-discovery or self-improvement, either due to curiosity, research, or distraction, it almost always brings adequate messages, showing very significant hidden aspects and purifies the body.

The effects produced by ayahuasca are independent to the purpose or the intention that one may have to drink it.


8- That ayahuasca is not detrimental to health. People who drink continuously during long periods or even their whole lives are healthy and have a lot of energy, but that does not guarantee that they will resolve the core issue they may have in their personal lives.

Many people drink during their whole life precisely because they have not resolved fundamental aspects of their life.


9- That the power of ayahuasca can be used to return the power to those who drink it, or it can be used by people to give their power away to the ayahuasca or to the shaman. With psychotherapy, empowerment can be focused upon in order to avoid dependencies.

There is an unconstructive tendency in drinkers, which is to idolize, deify, or sanctify the ayahuasca or the shaman.


10- That it can be taken every day in micro doses, in the morning and/or at night (privately at home) for a three-month treatment, which helps alleviate ailments and problems, which are settled in the body and/or the unconscious.

When the daily micro doses are complemented with group sessions, the results are surprising.


Ayahuasca International holds Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in several countries in Europe.  For bookings or to request any further information call to +49 (0) 171 987 6655 (also available by whatsapp) or write to [email protected] 



  1. Hi Alberto
    Just a short note on my personal journey in 2017.
    I had a series of extremely dark sessions- in total seven- which completely explained a mystery attached to my core injuries…
    After these seven, I entered a kind of foggy ‘nomansland’, in which I felt dissasociated from MYSELF as I had hitherto known ‘myself’.
    I am now adjusting to this emotional neutrality….
    It feels as if the emotionality I had woven into my personality were as a result of misperceptions of my childhood ‘reality’.
    I had developed a private logic, which had served me well, including all DEFENCES to counteract the private logic.
    Now this ‘private logic’ basis no longer served a purpose, and nor did the defences against it…
    A lot of energy and mileage had been wasted in the illusion of this widely pendulous paradox.
    Now I emerge from the fog, dazed and delightfully disorientated at the age of 66!
    What an amazing journey, to experience this seismic shift has set me up for the chance to have a satisfying and much more serene and authentic old age and transition to my next life.
    For this I am grateful to this IM vessel, which makes this kind of shift possible, to those who can use and benefit from it.
    Upwards and onwards in 2018, with love and so much gratitude!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful journey and growth with us Deborah. What you describe is at the core of our proposal, the shedding of limiting identities and the liberation of the true self. Thank you!! And happy new year 🙂

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