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  1. Deborah

    Hi Alberto
    Just a short note on my personal journey in 2017.
    I had a series of extremely dark sessions- in total seven- which completely explained a mystery attached to my core injuries…
    After these seven, I entered a kind of foggy ‘nomansland’, in which I felt dissasociated from MYSELF as I had hitherto known ‘myself’.
    I am now adjusting to this emotional neutrality….
    It feels as if the emotionality I had woven into my personality were as a result of misperceptions of my childhood ‘reality’.
    I had developed a private logic, which had served me well, including all DEFENCES to counteract the private logic.
    Now this ‘private logic’ basis no longer served a purpose, and nor did the defences against it…
    A lot of energy and mileage had been wasted in the illusion of this widely pendulous paradox.
    Now I emerge from the fog, dazed and delightfully disorientated at the age of 66!
    What an amazing journey, to experience this seismic shift has set me up for the chance to have a satisfying and much more serene and authentic old age and transition to my next life.
    For this I am grateful to this IM vessel, which makes this kind of shift possible, to those who can use and benefit from it.
    Upwards and onwards in 2018, with love and so much gratitude!

    1. Vanessa

      Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful journey and growth with us Deborah. What you describe is at the core of our proposal, the shedding of limiting identities and the liberation of the true self. Thank you!! And happy new year 🙂

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