INTERNAL LEADERSHIP. THE MUTATION OF POWER IS COMING. (Part 1) Inner Mastery International’s corporate proposal for leaders and directors who are open to the change that is essential in administration of authority.


The internal revolution is coming to leadership, the change in the model of authority is showing itself in a world saturated with abusive use of power to change direction, to change individuals, to change organisations and their goals.


INNER LEADERSHIP, the corporative proposal that has arrived to revolutionize the management of human projects, based on the personal power of the leader, the quality of their authority and their communication.

Leaders who decide to take the leap inwards are at the doors of a new start for the projects that they direct.
Most companies need to make a shift in their directorship. Incentives are no longer proving able to move people at their core. Talent is no longer susceptible to being suduced by strategies of manipulation and control. The time has come to implement new models of integration.

“The individual blossoming of creativity is the birth of a garden of human beings that abound in the opening of transformation“


INNER LEADERSHIP, the proposal for internal leadership, comes to companies, organizations, institutions and groups, that need to position leaders from a place of authentic power that arises from the sensitivity with which they exercise authority with other human beings.

When those in charge of others make the leap towards inner evolution, a transformational impulse is produced in the group being lead, without needing to exert pressure, because it is a movement that arises in each individual, and it is a moment in which the group becomes a team.


“Leading is having the natural capacity to influence from a presence that inspires others“.

The transcendental leap is definitely “towards the inside“ of ourselves, to locate the nucleus of power from where it is posible to lead with sensitivity and firmness, the basis of authority. The TRANSFORMATIVE IMPULSE is produced naturally because it is neither forced nor manipulated, it manifests in a sponteneous way without making any effort.

This evoltutionary phenomenon in organizations occurs when each of the individuals that make up the group decide to go inwards to their own power nucleus, inspiring in this way each person of their own accord to feel drawn to join in, to integrate and to give their best in a creative way.

Behind every company or organization their are always people; the extent to which each person evolves, will produce the transformation of the team


  • Deprogramming in order to serve inner evolution.
  • A new technology that changes the paradigm of directorship.
  • The revolutionary decision to take the leap inwards.
  • Redefining the course of the team to position direction at the heart.
  • Humanization of the vision, people and relationships.
  • The functionality of the role of leader.
  • The management and administration of personal power.
  • The complex journey from incentivization to essential motivation.
  • The authentic sense of belonging to a group.
  • Knowing how to manage a proposal, the sense and the meaning of what we are and do.
  • How to elevate the quality of authority and assertiveness in communication.



SYSTEMIC LIBERATION RETREAT: Comprehend family history and the loyalties that are produced, in order to overcome this and be able to integrate ourselves into systems that are free from burden.

SPIRITUAL INITIATION RETREAT: The awakening of consciousness. The first steps towards an encounter with depth. The first transcendental perceptions of something beyond.

NO-THERAPY AND EXISTENTIAL PYSCHODRAMA RETREAT: The necessary confrontation of the lie in which the characters that dominate our life live and create our reality.

Alberto José Varela


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