INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF CONSCIOUSNESS – On the contents and the container, the essence and the form…

Many people ask us: “What do you teach in this School?” “What use will it have in the future?” “Do you have a teaching program, a curriculum, are you an approved institution?” 

All these questions respond to queries around contents and form. The School is the CONTAINER.

What do we teach? I respond to this by saying that, on an apparent level, we teach quite a few useful things: from managing the appropriate ayahuasca dosages to each person and in each moment, to how to integrate the experience on a day to day level once the session is over. How to receive a participant, how to communicate with them through Facebook, mail, Whatsapp or over the phone, how to handle the delicate matter of charging, how to calm down the personal limitations each one may have around money and abundance; how to support both individual and collective neurosis and psychosis, how to recognise each person’s character structures, how to provoke and hold a catharsis; how to handle shamanic instruments and the music during an ayahuasca session;… there is an ongoing etcetera regarding the techniques and methods that our creativity can develop and in fact develops constantly. This is the FORM.

What do we learn? To this I can only answer by going into the essential levels that neither our ears nor our words can reach. We learn how to listen to the souls of people, we learn how to talk with them; we learn how to hold conversations on a deeper or more superficial existential level, which are deep down banal, because the energy is not moved by words, which are merely the vehicle for our individual and collective conditionings. The real conversation is happening at all times and transcends all conditionings, all emotions, all words… it is timeless, absolute and essential. A soul connecting with another soul, knowing everything, comprehending unity. The true CONTENT of this School is comprehended through the activation of a healing attitude.

Thus, we design a sophisticated program, elaborated, which we send on a monthly basis to our students and to all those interested in becoming so. We teach how to become facilitators, therapists, integrators… we have fun feeding the marvellous and beautiful human minds, softening the relationships with each one’s conditioning, making the human experience a more pleasurable, joyful and pleasant one… all this happens on a conscious level; the soul receives the call and the conditioned mind interprets it, analyses it and decides whether or not to respond on an apparent level to this call, according to the evident facts we present.


But the real call has been timeless and the soul has already answered.


The decision is now simple: do we want to be slaves to, partners with or owners of our conditionings?



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Laura Torrabadella

International Coordinator of the European School of Ayahuasca

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