IS THERE ANYTHING SACRED? When something is said to be sacred, there is a political, manipulating and powerful plan behind it. At the beginning, the sacredness made sense, but now its use is uncertain.


Behind the name and definition of an Amazonian plant there is a whole secret of understanding.

Wild plant. Banisteriopsis caapi. Vegetable mix. Sacred medicine. Hallucinogen. Entheogen. Purifying Venom. Psychotherapeutic potion. Depurative tea. Liana of the soul. Plant of the Gods. The queen of queens. Vine of the Dead. The Hangman’s Rope. Cosmic Umbilical Cord. Set-up box with extraterrestrial intelligence. Memory Bank of Extinguished Civilizations. Ancestral remedy. Master and Power Plant. How many names can the same phenomenon have?

It is clear that trying to define a plant or potion that has become a shamanic healing and spiritual connection tool is somewhat complicated. Many people around the world who take this prepared vegetable mix made with Amazonian plants consider it as the experience of their life!, For other people who take it, ayahuasca is a transformational phenomenon that has the potential to become global. For me, it represents a world-wide movement or a new hope for humanity, which involves solving problems we have been facing for milleniums and have never been able to trascend.

Trying to define Ayahuasca is turning into a heated and pointless debate given that it can be defined, described or named in an infinite number of ways depending on the place, moral or level of values that each one possesses. From the most specific or basic definitions which would consist in calling it “PLANT”, to the more abstract and energetic definitions which would consist in calling it “SPIRIT”. Both defintions have some bit of truth attached to them; In the middle of these extremes there are many other ways of defining it. There are people who call it God, my salvation, the path to healing, Daime, Yagé, Divine Guide…

However, in my understanding, there is one definition that proves to be very dangerous to the very essence of Ayahuasca and to the evolution of human consciousness. I am referring to calling it SACRED. It is a definition which, whenever used, almost always creates problems, divisions, discusions, and even wars.

If you describe something, for example a fruit or an animal as sacred, one protects it, one worships it, it cannot be touched, it cannot be critized and it cannot be used by an unauthorised person. However, those that consider themselves as authorised to touch it or use it are groups that have seized the right to its exclusive use. They can even organise and create a system of authorisation for others who can use it (just as a franchise works) and in general with a prior payment of the right of use. Nowadays everything can be bought, even access to and the use of that which is sacred. These are new ways of indulgence that have been alive since centuries ago.

In essence, everything comes from the same thing. It is the need to worship, to consecrate, to differentiate and to define things and people by placing them in different levels so that some have control over others. An eternal conflict between inferiority and superiority complexes.

He/She who takes Ayahuasca can see later rather than sooner that everything is sacred, or that nothing is. Both concepts can highlight and address this topic. Ayahuasca, independently of how it is called, has tremendous power to take our consciousness to states of great clarity and one of the comprehensions that comes through the use of Ayahuasca is that everything is within oneself and at the same time is a reflection of everything on the outside. The internal and the external are two extremes of the same existence or two parts of the same reality. Therefore, it is contradictory to segment a part of material existence to then isolate it, put it on a pedestal and define it as sacred. We would be separating it from the rest to recognise that the sacred is better than the rest. This is not what Ayahuasca teaches, rather it teaches one about equality before creation and unity above all.

It is remarkable to observe how many wars have happend around defending a SACRED book, or the SACRED words in said book. Many loyal believers of those books have stated that there is only one sacred book: their one; or one single SACRED commandment, the one pertaining to their book. Therefore, the war starts if another sacred book appears or another sacred commandments. Who is right?

Upon declaring that something is sacred, one wants to justify and exonerate oneself from all the crazy things that can happen in the mind that has decided to name something as SACRED.

The idea that there is something sacred is the most sacred thing in the mind of someone who wants to keep holding onto that something. That sacred idea of the sacred is the point in which all religions or radical beliefs are sheltered. If I ask you, what is sacred for you? Your answer would be a tell tale sign of where the key point to healing lies. For that which we hold sacred is we are protecting and do not want to touch our change. For example, if you say: “my mother is sacred”, nobody mess with her!. It is obvious that there is something hidden there.

In the old days, things were defined as sacred in order to be preserved and taken care of. The difference between normal plants and sacred plants is that the first onea have either healing and nutrional properties while the second ones are plants that  teach us and show us an afterlife. These are currently called psychoactive plants. The ancient natives believed that if when one took a plant it was possible to receive so much information about themselves, nature, cosmos and illnesses, it was because that plant was like a God, a Master or a Spirit that taught them. That is how it began to be named SACRED PLANT. In this way they established internal dialogues with the plant and a bond of a certain dependency to get the wisdom that they needed. That is how they began to look after it and protect it more than others. They planted it in hidden places amongst other protective plants. That allowed it to expand to vast areas of the Amazon Rainforest. However, today I think that there is a certain danger in continuing to call it that way. If the remaining indigenous people want to call it sacred that is fine. It makes no sense to stop using the word sacred for whomever feels it that way. Westerners, on the other hand use the sacred not to protect it, but to manipulate it. Hence, it is healthy to note what each person who uses that definition’s intention is, when they use that which they call SACRED.

If a plant expands your consciousness and allows not only people with troubles but also healer shamans to reach certain levels of reality in order to understand why things happen from a material point of view, it is not necessarily because that plant is a spirit or possesses one. Maybe that plant has intelligence encrypted in it, maybe it is the reincarnation of a whole civilization or the mind of an alien who has come to give us a hand. Or maybe it is simply the evolutive result of nature that knows what we need and offers it to us through plants. There could be millions of interpretations and all of them could be valid or more or less correct. However, what really matters, or at least for me and in this context is that which it produces.

In my case, it inspired a life transformation that I consider “miraculous”, in the sense that it would have been impossible for me to have made the changes in my life if it had not been for the support and inspiration that Ayahuasca gave me through the liberation of my consciousness.

Now that we are talking about masters and divinities, someone else who connected with the far beyond and, by the way, without the use of Ayahuasca, was Buddha. One of his famous sentences “Truth is that which works” in this sense, we are now before ‘something’ called Ayahuasca. IT WORKS! in the vast majority of cases of people who take Ayahuasca in moderation. It only caused problems when it was taken in excess or carelessly.

Why not call it PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL OR SPIRITUAL TOOL? Since it acts as an energetic scalpel that operates from the deepest part of the soul and body. Why not call it CHEMICAL ACTIVATOR? Since it reopens the natural interior pharmacy in the human organism.

If we spread the definitions we can unlock secrets that will help us advance on the path to evolution.

The concepts of “sacred”, “special” and “unique” are closely related to each other as a whole. The inadequate use of such terms by human beings has always been very dangerous.

Hitler stated that there was a “special” race, believing to be the “best” they began an extermination of the worst. The Jewish people always assured that they were the “chosen ones”. That was as good as saying they are better than the special ones and for that reason they fought each other and the biggest killing in human history arose.

We place so much attention on how we define ourselves that in any moment we could create a war.

We are all special, unique and sacred. Each and every one of us has something unrepeatable, something that no one else has, something that differentiates us from the rest; it is a sign of respect that creation had with every living being, of making him/her incomparable. For that reason everything is sacred in its absolute exclusivity.

If I had to define something as sacred, I would do it with NOTHINGNESS, with EMPTINESS, as without all of that, what we see would not be possible.


Alberto José Varela.


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2 thoughts on “IS THERE ANYTHING SACRED? When something is said to be sacred, there is a political, manipulating and powerful plan behind it. At the beginning, the sacredness made sense, but now its use is uncertain.”

  1. There is something ‘creepy’ about sacred, it also is used as untouchable.
    We are all still on earth.
    Life is changing every second, so the concept of ‘sacred’ somehow implies that need for something permanent, which is an illusion. Nothing is permanent…everthing has changed since I started ro write this.
    In the shamanic context, perhaps ‘to show respect’ mught be more appropriate than ‘sacred’.
    Each dynamic second provides opportunity for expansion, learning, growth, exposition of individual ‘truth’. Perhaps this could be described as ‘sacred’ but the ‘specialness’ is in its transcience and quality of teansformation, therefore paradoxically indefinable…THAT is sacred, because its mysterious and indefinable….

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