MATURING, HEALING, GROWING, OPENING, FLOWING AND SHARING. (PART 1) One of the great secrets of our proposal for the transformation of the human being is the understanding that we are ALL in process.


A method based on the acceptance and unconditionality of those who implement it.

“Global transformation begins when we incorporate the other into our heart. This is because humanity works from resentment towards the external”

In the cover photo is Elián Varela (one of our teachers and  facilitator mentors) supporting Sergio Sanz (one of our international integrators), in a therapeutic dynamic that we share in intimacy when we work deeply. Because we know that quality of what we offer depends to a large extent on the quality of our own inner evolution process.

We meet every month to do our own inner retreats, where we take ancestral medicines, do therapies to ourselves, confront ourselves and bring to light everything that is in the shadow of our unconscious. In this way we can detect it in order to immerse ourselves in its roots and dissolve what limits and interferes in the manifestation of our essence.

The processes of evolution of my people is the maximum guarantee that I can offer to all the people who participate in our retreats. When I say “my” people, I say it seriously and with consciousness, because I experience it as something personal and also because each one of them is mine in the sense that I have introduced them into my heart. I love each of them because they are in me. I accept them and that is why I support them from that part of me that is so grateful for having transcended so much nonsense that prevented me being and expressing what I am. My mission is to support them in their process of flourishing. You can not support anyone who you do not accept. You can not love anyone to whom you put conditions on. You can not be in harmony with another if you do not incorporate them into you.

Each person who forms part of this organisation is at a different point, passionately challenging, mysteriously unrepeatable, surprisingly perfect within the individual process they carry out. It is precisely the process of inner evolution of those who accompany me in this project of international expansion of inner expertise, which is based on UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE. Sorry for the redundancy, but accepting and being unconditional are the same thing seen from two different angles.

Acceptance arises from a self that has matured and left behind the need to reject. That has understood the perfection of all things. That no longer needs to project in others and then ends up being a slave of acceptance. To not being able to reject is something extremely confrontational for an ego that lives on criticism and judgement, but it is something that comes naturally when consciousness has expanded to such a point that it has included and incorporated others within the heart. Unconditionality arises from a Being that has evolved to the point that it can see itself reflected in others when looking beyond limitations. Between rejection and acceptance, taking the leap from the I AM and YOU ARE YOU, to the I AM YOU and YOU ARE YOU is debated. Acceptance is merging with the other.

To be unconditional is to love without conditions, it does not depend on others being a certain way but on the internal decision to see all living creatures as a part of oneself. Love should stop being called love, because it is a very contaminated word or loaded with erroneous interpretations, but unconditionality does not give rise to confusion or misinterpretation. Unconditionality is related to infinity and eternity, with the spiritual gaze of oneself and others. It happens when we can see the light and the potentiality of others as if they had no limitations or darkness. You look at them with such purity of heart that a loving and conscious indulgence arises that reaches deep into the heart of the other and awakens the inspiration to begin to see in the same way that they are watching you from outside. When this happens it is because you are on the threshold of compassion. You can no longer enter the game of egos or pay attention to movements that emerge from any limitation.

For me compassion is the KINDNESS that arises from a heart that looks with purity inside and outside the internal of the other. This attitude is manifested in the treatment of oneself and of all people.

In the same way we look at ourselves, we look at others. The way we observe how you look at us allows us to evaluate the place and moment of your inner evolution. And I want to take advantage of this situation to ask you that whatever you see in us, besides being able to say it and express it with sincerity and without hesitation, that you use it to immerse yourself inside your heart and see where that perception comes from. This is one of the secrets that we use in our psycho-therapeutic integrations. To be able to differentiate between what we see outside that activates us, and what we see inside that is projected outside. Detecting everything external that moves us, taking responsibility for the fact that the origin is inside of us, frees the external that bothers us and we take advantage of it to start an internal dive in search of the great treasure, the one that hides the reasons why we still reject.

Rejection is the hard core of conditioning and of our limitations. That is why it represents the turning point between being healthy or sick psycho-emotionally speaking. Accepting or rejecting is the option that later on appears as options along the way, and suddenly they can no longer coexist, they can not continue together. The decision of which road to choose marks a before and after in the inner evolution of any person. Reject or accept?

As we go along the road, flowing, moving forward, evolving, travelling … we discover that the process is an eternal gerund because it can not stop and no conclusion can be drawn at any time. It changes and modifies magically, little by little it approaches the light more and more, restoring the connection with the essence and the divine that we carry inside more and more.

To accept and be unconditional is not to be perfect or to be enlightened, but simply to be Evolving Inwardly. Thus we have coined the description of the process where whenever rejections arise, we will be willing to receive them without conditions. And that whenever any condition arises we will be ready to accept it without judgement. If we can use unconditionality and acceptance in everything that arises in our life, we will be on a path that will inevitably lead us to flourish.

As we affirm in the School where we train our facilitators and therapists: “Healing is not a state that is reached by doing something, but it is an attitude that is acquired in order to face whatever happens to us”.

NO REJECTION OR ANY CONDITION WILL STOP US OR STOP YOU! All together we are sailing in the same river of evolution, flowing into the sea of consciousness, releasing the past in order to open the heart to trust.

Alberto José Varela

I will publish part two in a few days.

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