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OPEN CONSULTATION ON THE USE OF KAMBÓ. You can ask any questions you have and a team of experts will answer them free of charge.


  1. Carla

    Hallo,i have a question regarding Kambo vaccine.I am a 46 year old healthy woman,150 cm height,40Kg weight,how many points of Kambo would you suggest i do and how often,first time and during a year?

    1. Claire

      Hi Carlia, Thanks for getting in touch and your interest. The facilitator giving you Kambo on retreat would decide how many points to give you based on their assessment. For a deep and lasting treatment with Kambo, we recommend having 3 treatments in the same 28 day period. This deeply instills the energy of the remedy in your system. After this as you are intuitevly connected to the benefits, you can feel when you need to repeat it. Some people have a ‘booster’ every year, which you may need more or less often, or not at all. It would be useful for us to have a chat and I can share dates and more information with you. Please feel free to whatsapp me: 00447561209466, or call me 0034661783485. Much love, Vanessa

  2. anna hagg drougge


    Can Kambo and Bufo alvarius be taken within a short amount of time or is there a need for a certain time to pass between the two?

    Thank you,
    Anna Hagg

    1. Alberto Jose Varela Blog Team

      Hi Anna, Kambo and Bufo Alvarius can be taken in the same day, and are in fact extremely complementary. If you would like a personal consultation or more information please feel free to contact me directly by whatsapp +447561209466, or phone +34661783485, or email Much love, Vanessa

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