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IMPOSITIONS BY EXISTENCE? OR THE CHOICE OF A SOUL THAT WANTS TO EXPERIENCE? The hand that we have been dealt to live comes from a destiny that hasn’t been designed by anyone, but that is susceptible to being changed by those who forgo being someone.

INNER MASTERY AND AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL ARE NOW IN BRAZIL: Conferences and weekend retreats in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

TRANSCENDENTAL DIALOGUES. A question from a reader, Lisette Morales from Chile, who is seeking an answer to: Who wants to do things, the self or the ego?

THE POWER STRUGGLE BETWEEN LIES AND THE TRUTH. Sensationalism, even though it is made up of lies, entertains; but the truth does not need stories and arguments. It does not require elaboration. That is why it is boring.

SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT IS HAPPENING TO MANY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. With the arrival of a new method that includes spirituality without religion or worship, and healing without techniques or therapies.

DIGNITY (Part one). From the film: “FATHERS AND DAUGHTERS”: When guilt dies, judgement disappears and there will be no more self-punishment.

WE ARE NOW IN VENEZUELA. Inner Mastery and Ayahuasca International start conferences and retreats in Caracas and Valencia.

A LIFE WITH AN UNCOVERED FACE “The Madman” (1) Khalil Gibran’s poem, “They ask me how I’ve gone crazy?”

FEAR IS A THIEF THAT STEALS EVERYTHING; IT IS THE DENIAL OF LOVE. Fear of not being able to overcome fear blocks evolution.