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COME AND TRY SAN PEDRO OR YOPO (FREE) for participants to the Ayahuasca retreat in Barcelona: 1 to 4 days, 18 to 22 October.

Entheogenic substances and shamanic natural medicines. Mysterious ancestral remedies are reaching the whole world to help human beings.

YOPO, SAN PEDRO, AYAHUASCA, BUFO ALVARIUS, RAPÉ AND KAMBÓ. The first time they are together at the same Marbella retreat from 11 to 15 October.

CONSCIOUS SCHOOL: the audacity of awakening from self-deception, distraction and comfort.

OVER 300 PEOPLE ATTENDED ALBERTO VARELA’S NEW CYCLE OF CONFERENCES IN THE U.K. The “New Age” is already old. It’s time for something new.

SPIRITUAL GPS FOR A CHANGE OF “DIRECTION”. About individual transformation processes that change the directions of people’s lives.

HO’OPONOPONO Y MUSIC THERAPY WORKSHOP WITH DARWIN GRAJALES. In conferences and retreats in Latin America and Europe.

OPEN CONSULTATION ON THE USE OF KAMBÓ. You can ask any questions you have and a team of experts will answer them free of charge.

RECOVERING DIGNITY (Part two) Accepting and understanding rejection in order to be able to break it down and for it to stop dominating our lives.