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SELF-REFLECTION: WHEN AM I A LIE AND WHEN DO I BECOME SOMETHING AUTHENTIC? It’s like asking me when am I superficial and when am I deep? When am I with myself and when am I with you?

DO YOU WANT TO WORK ON SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT AND WHICH HELPS MANY PEOPLE? Call for people to join the team of Inner Mastery International Mexico S.A. and Inauguration of the New Epicentre of Inner Evolution in Jiutepec, Morelos.

MATURING, HEALING, GROWING, OPENING, FLOWING AND SHARING. (PART 1) One of the great secrets of our proposal for human transformation is the understanding that we are ALL in process.

FULL-HOUSE RETREAT IN BARCELONA. Registration is open to reserve your place for upcoming retreats.


AN ENCOUNTER WITH A STRANGER, AND WITH THE UNKNOWN. I am reaching people who want to start the journey towards mystery.

ELEVATING THE QUALITY OF BEING. Identification limits us, while recognising the need to evolve enriches us.


THE SECRET THAT CAN NO LONGER BE HIDDEN: “Life overwhelms me, I’m not well, I cannot achieve what I want, I can’t do it … I need help”

THE FIRST METHODOLOGY IN THE WORLD THAT DOES NOT WORK. Have you considered the possibility of reading something innovative about the science of our internal selves?

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