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GOOD NEWS FROM CHILE IN RELATION TO AYAHUASCA INTERNACIONAL. A team from Chile will travel to Europe to study at the European School of Ayahuasca.

TRANSFORMATIVE TRIP. The Amazonian Jungle has become one of the top favorite destinations for those who want to make changes in their lives.

UNPRECEDENTED INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH THROUGH CONFERENCES: The Inner Mastery International team goes out into the world to give good news on health, wellness and inner evolution.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE ON AYAHUASCA CONSUMPTION. A Medicine (an Ancestral-Shamanic one) That Changes Our Life. By Genis Oña. From PSYCHOLOGY ONLINE.

23 YEARS WENT BY WITHOUT WRITING ANYTHING AND NOW I DARE. Wonderful testimonial as how a Catalonian woman lives her evolution process.

ART AND AYAHUASCA: Paintings created under the inspirational vision provided by the expansion of consciousness.

AYAHUASCA, A JOURNEY AS PAINFUL AS LIBERATING. The testimonial of a woman willing to see the roots of her suffering.

EACH WEEKEND IN MANY COUNTRIES AT THE SAME TIME. The Ayahuasca International team travels the world gathering people who wishes to LIVE

HOW SHOULD A PERSON BE? HOW SHOULD THINGS BE? HOW SHOULD THEY BE DONE? About healing, growth and liberation from SHOULD (Part 1)