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BIRTH OF “SUNLIGHT” Children bring that love and freedom we wish for so much.

PERSON DIES GOING ON A DIET BEFORE TAKING AYAHUASCA. Many people die as a result of unconsciousness, excesses or irresponsibility.

WHAT IS THE ORIGIN? (Part II) Addressing the roots of what we want to eradicate from our lives.

WHAT IS THE ORIGIN? (Part II) Going to the root of what we want to finish with

AYAHUASCA and THERAPY, “They have not changed my life, they have rather returned it to me.”

“The Madman” Khalil Gibran poem,”They asked me how I became a madman“

THROUGH THE DARK CORNERS WHICH HAVE NOT SEEN THE LIGHT. About the fight and the intimate relationship between love and consciousness.

TRASCENDENT DIALOGUES. Who are you? Who am I? What do you see in me? What do I see in you? Let’s swap appreciations.