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TESTIMONIAL OF SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN RELEASED FROM ALL EMOTIONAL DEBT “We do not owe anything to anyone…” to realize this simple truth produces a tremendous release.

SOLVING ABUSE AND GENDER VIOLENCE FROM THE ROOT. A confrontational vision of a global problem.

THE GREATEST DANGER WITH AYAHUASCA. Fericgla is attacking the organization founded by Alberto José Varela

TRAVELLING TO EUROPE TO LEARN FROM THE EUROPEAN AYAHUASCA SCHOOL (Testimony of a student who came from Mexico on a tour)

TWO WOMEN, BOTH AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL FACILITATORS. One is a Mexican psychotherapist and the other one a Swiss-Spanish lawyer. Both are teachers at the European Ayahuasca School.

WHEN A LIFE PROJECT DIES (3rd part) What does a transformation process consist of?

REIKI AND AYAHUASCA, a wonderful combination for health and wellness.

FROM SUICIDE TO RECONCILIATION (Behind every suicidal there is a murderer willing to heal)

CONVERSATIONS WITH… YOUR INNER MASTER (10 words can say it all) and enlightening testimony about the side effects of Ayahuasca

DO YOU WANT TO BE CURED OR DO YOU WANT TO HEAL? We can address everything from within or from outside. Each one of us chooses.

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