POLLUTING NEUROSIS Neurotics exist thanks to those that put up with them .


This text is not recommended for those who are highly judgemental, passionate about criticising and/or slandering, or susceptible to neurosis

I start this new blog section on meanings pulled out of a hat (a magical space). First I feel obliged to clear up the meaning of the words PSYCHOLOGY and PAIN IN THE ARSE.

Here we go…

PSYCOLOGY: One of the most prostituted words in history, with so many meanings that a whole book would be needed for those alone. Although it originally means “Study of the Soul” it has been reduced to “Science that studies the mind and human behaviour”. For my own dictionary, psychology is “The Art of the Mad People” and like every artistic expression, it is subject to many kinds of expressions and interpretations.

PAIN IN THE ARSE: Expression from Spanish lands to refer anyone confrontational or all psycho-emotionally painful acts. Being “a pain in the arse” is being direct; not going around things, cutting to the chase even if it is annoying. It has no sexual connotation or connotation of sexuality. In Argentina the expression “without Vaseline” is used to say the same thing.

PAIN IN THE ARSE PSYCHOLOGY: The art of driving anyone who tries to understand the meaning of words crazy, confronting them with an original reflection. From the psychological point of view, publishing this kind of dictionary can be considered a projection of the neurotic part within me.

POLLUTING NEUROSIS: Even if it redundant, putting an adjective before neurosis is a consciously neurotic act to exaggerate its meaning, because neurosis is an exaggeration induced by an excess of thoughts that produces disproportionate attitudes.

Polluting neurosis is a mental process that leads to projection. (Projecting is defecating on others, like farting in an enclosed room full of people in order to bother them; it is vengeance or punishment towards those who have created the neurosis). Neurotics need to pollute the environment and others with their own emotional viruses. This process of polluting neurosis starts with small judgemental thoughts that are induced by some discomfort or obsessive observation that in turn produces the first internal virulent movements that prepare themselves to emerge with violence. For some time, varying from a fraction of a second to a few hours, neurotics will keep adding other negative thoughts or thoughts charged with demands and impotence until the neurotic bomb will project outside with criticism, judgement, complaints or demands (in that moment those in the presence of this manifestation are tortured).

Neurotic projections are always justified by external reasons and for this reason they never create a feeling of being mistaken. That is why they do not ask for forgiveness, or if they do so is in an artificial or unauthentic manner. After their projection they try to act as if nothing happened; like an assassin that leaves no trace after killing in order to keep doing so.

The polluting neurotic wants to keep up the projection game while defecating on others with good arguments. People do not stop them because almost everyone believes to deserve the punishment inflicted on them by the neurotic’s projections. In this sense we are all neurosis creators, the ones who project and the screens that allow the projection.

For the neurotic person there are always causes, reasons, justifications to pinpoint OUTSIDE the reason for the neurosis because of a DENIAL OF THE NEUROTIC NUCLEUS WITHIN. This is why psychology affirms that neurotics are blind; there is no will to see themselves. Why not? There are multiple reasons, some that are very strong, such as not wanting to confront themselves. It is an evasion of one’s own shit.

The disgusting emotional and energetic pollution produced by projection can only be cleansed by the humble recognition of neurosis in order to be able to ask forgiveness from those whose hearts have been used as a target for their poisonous darts. If this does not happen, the neurotic will keep doing it over and over; always with someone on which to unload the faecal matter and find some relief from their internal hell.

Repentance corners them little by little. Repentance means doing a 180° turn, pointing the accusing finger inwards. Because neurotics need to deal with their attitudes, even if it leads to immense anguish, to reach a comprehension that will allow them to see the internal origin of the neurosis. This is the healing for neurotics, the comprehension that they own the neurosis and not anyone else. That it was born within themselves and that only there can it be healed, because neurosis is a dependence on the external. Dealing with their own problems absolves the external and liberates it from the infringed punishment to stay with themselves.

In this way a behaviour change can start and others can stop being punished. If this happens, neurotics will find themselves alone with their anguish and will face their own neurosis to expel it from their lives (many people decide to end their life, committing suicide as a result of not being able to take back the power from the neurosis). In fact, suicide is the quintessential neurotic act. All suicides are oriented towards inducing guilt or because of guilt in some way or another.

Bipolarity is the sequence of entering and exiting different neurotic states. Depression and mania are two sides of the same coin. Bipolar projection is mania and introspection is depression. When the neurotic does not project, they relax in a way that depression sets in, and in passing compensates the damage done when projecting on others, to avoid guilt… that emotion controls the life of almost all neurotics.

The great secret lies in the act of getting the head out of the sand to start looking, in removing masks and daring to see things directly without appraisal.  Because when one recovers the purity of vision the perception of reality is changed to a point where neurosis fades away by itself.

Those who suffer from different kinds of neurosis as much as those who endure their projections have the same problem, actively or passively. We must all do something about it.

I hope you have not taken this seriously and have used this reading to laugh, at least to me it is fun and enlightening.

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Alberto José Varela



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