Quotes of 11 words for thought


  •  One decision can change destiny forever.


  • The ultimate truth is that everything is a lie: dream and illusion.


  •  Nothing is as we want, but everything is perfect as it is.


  • Absolutely everything we do to improve is a substitute for love.


  • Life has no meaning; it is the very meaning of existence.


  • Everything can be overcome with acceptance and gratitude, receive without judging.


  •  We are surrounded by abundance but we live into poverty of the desire.


  • To get to happiness you don’t have to do anything, just to be.


  • The only secret is that there is no secret.


  • Any time in life you can start from scratch.


  • Everything comes, everything passes; but what prevails is freedom.


  • If I become someone, then I’ll be like living dead.


  • The existence takes care of everything. There’s nothing to do.


Alberto José Varela




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