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REIKI AND AYAHUASCA, a wonderful combination for health and wellness.


  1. Cheri

    I am curious as to the dosage she used before practicing reiki. I have been considering microdosing ayahuasca as it reacts quite strongly with me. I received a remarkable physical healing in Iquitos but have learned over the years that my body is hypersensitive to drugs and chemicals in general. As a reiki master, as well as a practitioner of Quantum Touch and Core Transformation this intrigues me as a way to make contact with the healing energies.

    1. Alberto José Varela

      Hello Cheri,

      There have been some wonderful results micro-dosing with ayahuasca, and we have received amazing testimonials from people who have done this over periods of 3 to 9 months. If you are interested in finding out more, please write to one of our advisors and let them know more about your personal circumstances. The email address you can use is

      Thank you

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