SPIRITUAL MEETING IN MONTEVIDEO: The mystery is at the doors of the heart of every human being.


We are meeting with those who recognise the need to meet the depth that resides within us again. Re-encounter with your Soul, with who you really are, with the deepest part of you, with your essence, with the unknown of you.

Our proposal is based on the integration of mystical, philosophical and spiritual schools of all the ages. The CONSCIOUS SCHOOL prepares you to receive what comes from beyond, that which has the power to transform our lives.

The initiators of the international movement will visit Uruguay between February 26 and March 8. Alberto Varela, founder of Conscious School and Inner Mastery International, creator of the Inner Evolution Method will be present; accompanied by  team of international facilitators: Elian Varela (Spain), Paula Carmona (Spain), Diana Ruibal(Argentina) and Paula Saveli (Uruguayan based in Spain).

The INNER EVOLUTION method brings together live music, song and mystical poetry. Entheogenic dance. Biointegration. Shamanic
Tools and Transcendental Healing through Group Dynamics.

Among the chemical and biological reality from which life arises, there is a spiritual link that has given rise to this human experience. Comprehending the meaning of life and existence is the great leap we can take for our inner evolution.

A team of Uruguayans residing in Montevideo and Spain are the organisers of this event, which is centred on the arrival of a unique and exclusive proposal, which is reaching millions of people around the world.

With the local support of Solange Gerona and José Ignacio Rodríguez, people who have gone a serious trajectory in this area.

Wed 26/2 to Sun 1/3 in Montevideo. From Wed 4 to sun 8/3 in Colonia del Sacramento. Conference, workshops and retreat, organised by the Conscious School (Originally from Spain, whose founder was born in Argentina) that is present in more than 40 countries.

We will present the simple and deep applicability of the foundations of the Conscious School, and Inner Mastery, a movement that aims to facilitate the awakening of inner evolution and transcendence. An intimate comprehension is produced, which generates an impact related to the everyday, to learn to solve or dissolve the usual challenges we face every day. It is to enter into an consiousness of spirituality, a broad space of connection with the divine and interconnection with others.

The word, music and dance, supported by breathing and meditation work as an algorithm of consciousness, which has the natural ability to activate and promote an internal transformation process.

Address: Maciel 1317. Old City. Montevideo. Uruguay
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +598 98 664 250, Jorge Viera

WEDNESDAY 26/2 CONFERENCE AND FREE PRESENTATION. 19.00 to 21.00 hours. You must confirm your attendance by sending an email and your contact number, with your first and last name.

COMPLETE RETREAT: (three days and three nights) 18,500 Uruguayan pesos. ($ 495)
PARTIAL RETREAT: (two days and two nights) Thursday to Saturday or Friday to Sunday 13,500 Uruguayan pesos ($ 355)
ONE DAY AND NIGHT ONLY: Thursday to Friday, Friday to Saturday, or Saturday to Sunday: (one day and one night) 7,000 Uruguayan pesos. ($ 185)
WORKSHOPS ONLY: 4-hour workshops, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon: 5,000 Uruguayan pesos. ($ 135)

All options include meals, a space for each participant, and one of the shamanic tools that we will share to have an entheogenic experience.


For ARGENTINES who come from Buenos Aires, a 20% discount to cover transport costs. For STUDENTS from anywhere in the world, 10% additional discount. Overnight stay is in a comfortable room with mattresses, homemade food and drinks are offered during the day. TOWEL AND ELEMENTS OF PERSONAL HYGIENE MUST BE BROUGHT. THERE ARE ALSO PARTICIPANTS WHO CAN RETURN HOME TO SLEEP.


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