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ADDICTIONS, An ever-present problem, rarely ever addressed from their roots.

AYAHUASCA IS A SPRINGBOARD; CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE OCEAN. Let us not confuse the means with the end.

The mysterious power of Ayahuasca (Article published in the newspaper El País in Spain.)

TEXTS OF BUDDHA. Exegesis and comments for an everyday life application. “Are you lost? Then you can find yourself”

THE POWERFUL AND ENDLESS NATURE OF FEMININE ENERGY. Although it is the greatest gift given to humankind, something is keeping it from manifesting.

(VIDEO) EVIDENCE DEMONSTRATING A SUBSTANCIAL CHANGE IN ADDICTS. Before and after a retreat with Ayahuasca and psychotherapy focused on addictions.

DO YOU WANT TO BE CURED OR DO YOU WANT TO HEAL? We can address everything from within or from outside. Each one of us chooses.

AN ADDICTED HUMANITY: Do you want to detect what your dependency or slavery is?

A POETIC TESTIMONIAL FROM SOMEONE WHO OVERCAME HIS ADDICTIONS “It seems unbelievable that the way out of hell could be so near”