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POLICE ARREST ALBERTO VARELA IN INDIA Along with 4 facilitators and more than 40 participants in the retreat with Ayahuasca who were arrested in a police station in India after having a session with Ayahuasca in a resort in Mysore.

AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL NEWS: The expansion of psychotherapeutic work with Ayahuasca throughout the world.

IS AYAHUASCA FOR EVERYONE? How do I know if the experience will be positive for me before I have it?

AYAHUASCA IS A SPRINGBOARD; CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE OCEAN. Let us not confuse the means with the end.


AYAHUASCA IN JAILS (Article by the New York Times) It is being proven that it is possible to do something for those who, for society, have no solution.

BETRAYAL OF TRADITION, SIN OR BLESSING? We are before the time to leave behind what’s comfortable and familiar

AN EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE IN THE JUNGLE 8th to 25th April. A journey for healing and deep learning.

The mysterious power of Ayahuasca (Article published in the newspaper El País in Spain.)

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