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NEW HOLISTIC EPICENTRE IN MARBELLA A house just 50 meters from Cabo Pino

TRASCENDENT DIALOGUES. Who are you? Who am I? What do you see in me? What do I see in you? Let’s swap appreciations.

WHEN A LIFE PROJECT DIES, is it possible to change? (Part 1)

THE CHESS OF PSYCHOLOGY OR THE MYSTICAL GAME? Unlike chess, life is a game that starts after checkmate.

Can Ayahuasca and Psycho-therapy be integrated? How do they resist each other? How do they coincide? How can they be united? AYAHUASCA AND PSYCHO-THERAPY (Part 4)

TEXTS OF BUDDHA. Exegesis and comments for an everyday life application. “Are you lost? Then you can find yourself”

THE POWERFUL AND ENDLESS NATURE OF FEMININE ENERGY. Although it is the greatest gift given to humankind, something is keeping it from manifesting.

(VIDEO) Training cycles in the European School of Ayahuasca in Madrid, Spain

WHEN NOVELTY APPEARS, IT ALL STARTS TO HAPPEN. Answers to questions of great depth.

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