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ABOUT AYAHUASCA – What you need to know before the experience.

PRIVATE SESSIONS OF AYAHUASCA & PSYCHOTHERAPY WORLWIDE. A service offered by Ayahuasca Planet, for people from any city and any place.

WHEN NOVELTY APPEARS, IT ALL STARTS TO HAPPEN. Answers to questions of great depth.

GLOBALISATION OF INNER EVOLUTION. WORLD PEOPLE OPENING UP TO THE EXPERIENCE OF TRANSFORMATION (over 300 ayahuasca and psycho-therapy sessions organised by Ayahuasca International throughout the year)

Being a shaman, being a therapist, being a facilitator … (Part 1) Who can become “someone” capable of working for the evolution of others? What is the difference between someone who gives and someone who receives?

DEATH THREAT TO ALBERTO JOSÉ VARELA. A clarifying and empowering opportunity for many people.

SOLVING ABUSE AND GENDER VIOLENCE FROM THE ROOT. A confrontational vision of a global problem.

THE GREATEST DANGER WITH AYAHUASCA. Fericgla is attacking the organization founded by Alberto José Varela

TWO WOMEN, BOTH AYAHUASCA INTERNATIONAL FACILITATORS. One is a Mexican psychotherapist and the other one a Swiss-Spanish lawyer. Both are teachers at the European Ayahuasca School.

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