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AYAHUASCA IS A SPRINGBOARD; CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE OCEAN. Let us not confuse the means with the end.

EUROPEANS AT THE END OF THE WORLD (FIN DEL MUNDO WATERFALL) “Total renewal program in the Amazon, with shamans and ayahuasca”

Being a shaman, being a therapist, being a facilitator … (Part 1) Who can become “someone” capable of working for the evolution of others? What is the difference between someone who gives and someone who receives?

TRAVELLING TO EUROPE TO LEARN FROM THE EUROPEAN AYAHUASCA SCHOOL (Testimony of a student who came from Mexico on a tour)

REIKI AND AYAHUASCA, a wonderful combination for health and wellness.

WHAT HAPPENS IN THE EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF AYAHUASCA? Here’s a story from the perspective of a student.