THE HEALING POWER OF WORDS. I dedicate a few short words for you, reader….


Dedicated to Aisha, a girl-woman who inspired this moment of understanding. (Cover photo)

The marketing managers of the organization that I lead have just informed me, that we have received more than 3 million visits to our pages in just 15 days of May. Our texts are read worldwide. Our videos are viewed by thousands of people. And this really makes me think about the impact an idea, a phrase, a set of words can generate.

I receive countless messages of gratitude and happiness for the effect produced by what I publish on this blog. And each of those messages is made with words that come to my heart, caressing my soul and filling me with satisfaction.

I think it was one of the psychology geniuses who wisely said: “Modern science has not yet produced a calming medicine as effective as a few kind words.”

If you allow me, I want to tell you something, today Friday May 20th, 2016:
“Whatever the situation you’re going through, I understand,” I can accept and respect all you want to tell me. I have been reading for many years bad reviews about me, about the work I do and the organization I have founded. I have received and decoded the hidden message they brought to my life.

I can see and feel every day of my life what happens to human beings. Last night I went to a restaurant in Santiago de Chile for dinner, I sat alone at a table, all the other tables were occupied by people, friends, couples, all of them talking and sharing, I was hearing them all at once. I received so many things of what is happening to us human beings. I just confined myself to my heart, I could see and feel what happens to me. I embrace it, I accept it, I love it, I assimilate it and transform it. But I am aware that most people cannot transcend their difficulties, they cannot solve their problems, many already cannot even relieve the symptoms or the discomfort they suffer, unhappiness is so evident, dissatisfaction is so obvious. You can see that in gestures and movements, in words and looks … and everything that comes to me goes through my soul, it gives me sadness and pain, I feel helpless, and it is then when everything is ready to take the plunge into myself towards love and understanding. This is one of the transformation processes that marked our lives forever.
That is why I can understand what is happening to us. I understand me and I understand you. I just wanted to tell you, thanks for reading. Many days I do not publish anything on this blog for fear that you do not comprehend me. I might be underestimating you. I am sorry.

I invite you with all the love I feel for writing, to do what you can to comprehend me and all the people you know. Let us comprehend each other. Comprehension is a path of fulfilment that I propose in everything I do and say.
From that space of comprehension that is generated within each one of us you can start making extraordinary achievements in the direction of a much better life.

Send us words full of kindness. Let us communicate delicately. Let us express with love. And in this act we will be creating the conditions for something new to emerge in our life, something not connected with hate and anger, with no loads of resentments or judgement, but with the purity of the soul holding us.
We need to become more attuned to our expression, to pat when we speak, to be aware when we address to others. Sorry, I think I am the one who needs that.

I dedicate this post to a beautiful girl called Aisha. (She is a precious collaborator and facilitator of this organization) Today I saw her on the phone when she called me, and seeing that photo of a girl with a small duck or bird, I said to myself… I must write to the girl who is doing all she needs to become a powerful woman.

I received a message from Aisha on the chat of this great family, where she said sensitively what was happening to her, it was so clear and clean what she wrote, that comprehension emerged naturally, and gave me the encouragement and inspiration to write these short words … just writing them is already medicine for me.
Alberto José Varela


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